Cost To Have Handyman Do Many Odd Jobs Around the House

Submitted by: damusicmaster – Coral Springs, FL USA

Hi my name is Don I would like your feed back. My list is I am replacing a faucet and removing old old one. On patio replacing big panel of screen 3 at 4 ft long about 2ft high replacing screen on front screen door patching holes in both bedroom doors. 2 bedroom door casings needs to be repaired they are both separated from wall. 2 towel bars need replacing 1. bedroom blind needs to be put up a kitchen drawer face needs to be put back on draw bedroom blind put up face plate replaced and patched around

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    1. I agree with srbobc with the daily rate, except I’m thinking over 2 days work is probable. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you were more at 3 days. Good luck, don’t always go with the cheapest deal, you may end up with cheap work.

    2. I’m sure glad you guys dont work for me…lol If these items cant be done in a day you might want to think of a new line of work…

  1. Victor Gonzalez

    Hourly rate first hour $110.00

    Additional hours after the first


    Materials additional to overall project .

    Based on a 4 hour minimum.

    Check out our day rate !

    $490.00 per day, up to 8 hours

    Base on priority punch list

    Materials additional .

  2. what would be a fair price for all of the following to be completed?
    5 interior doors need to be stripped of the paint,
    1 interior door needs to be adjusted to close properly,
    1 screen door needs the cylinder adjusted,
    patch sheet rock cracks on 2 walls,
    frame up interior side of exterior door,
    interior window way framed in,
    case in bathroom window,
    install surround shower wall on tub,
    install ceiling tile on a 10×10 bathroom ceiling,
    repaint floor and ceiling trim in 2 rooms.

  3. Cristina Valdez

    What would be a reasonable price to replace the plumbing under the sink and insulate it inside the wall. As it is currently under the sink and to replace the sink cabinet you would have to make a in the back. So we rather see if we can insulate it in the wall.

  4. Manufactured home skirting.
    I wish to have an overlay skirting applied to the insulated skirting already there but showing signs of wear. Home is 60×28′ with a crawl spaceof 36.” Building is resting on a concrete slab.

  5. What is a fair price to replace electrical outlets and light switches? Just switching out old ones for new ones? Also what is a fair price to install three ceiling fans where one already exists and the other two are going where wiring is already there? Lastly what is the fair price to paint a bedroom and hall way in a raised ranch home.

  6. My sons Uncle has been doing work for us as a handy man. He’s been charging us $20 an hour rather than pricing out jobs. Is that a fair price? In 8 hrs he changed outlets and switches in five rooms, repaired the garbage disposal and finished installing a ceiling fan that was already up and just needed the wiring done correctly. My husband is very angry saying he’s paid too much for the work my sons uncle has done. Is $20 an hour to much for what he’s done?

    1. No, if he is good with what he is doing that is less than half what you should pay. If i were you in would either tip him well or at least give him a gift card to take someone out to dinner at his favorite place. You’re getting a steal.

    2. WHY was he unhappy?

      Removing and replacing a ceiling fan to correct the wiring, except assembly he did more than an install by R/R. Especially if the ceiling fan was located in a vaulted ceiling area (and above stairwell?)

      Favorable versus UnFavorable site conditions do make a difference:

      What is the man fell off the ladder and broke a bone?

      Speaking of that – What ladder did he use? (The ladder I would use in those site conditions cost me $475.00 + TAX – Yeah — that money for tools had to come from somewhere..?)

      Sight unseen, my rate for electric is $85/ Hour.

      Yes, I am insured and Yes, I have 16 years experience in ALL Areas,. and Yes, I make the work look easy — Likely because I usually have already seen the site(Time and mileage), planed the job (Time), drive to store (mileage and time), spent (more time) to pic, check out, pack, load and travel to the site (MORE TIME)..

      FACT: (wake up and sniff the coffee bean juice) THE AVERAGE Trip time to LOCAL box store 15 minutes away (and this is **IF** you know where everything is) would be 15 minutes x 2 PLUS up to 30 minutes in store WITH Check Out = 1 hour MINIMUM for that 15 minute one-way trip time..

      Bottom Line: he got what he paid for (unhappiness from an unskilled wannabe otherwise, he’d paid A LOT MORE -THEN he would have something to complain about..).

      I remain
      (in business, 5-star rated, and in high demand)

  7. How much would it cost to caulk the trim in a 10 by 12 room with one door and one closet door and trim around one window?. And also fill trim nail holes?

  8. Your husband should count his blessings!! He’s gotten a heck of a good bargain for what’s been done!! Have him call around & check so prices!! Plus each visit is going to have a service call fee.

  9. repair and put the
    same door up over my washer and dryer
    it is a sliding door.
    cost of repair apart from the replacement track

  10. How much would it cost to switch regular bath tub to one with jets. Including putting an additional water heater in closet that abuts the tub?

  11. I live in a very small condo, which I love. It’s 800 Sq. ft. total. I’m looking to have a bed put together (everything is in the box, which is in the house) and a 52″ TV hung on the wall, (Hanger and equipment purchased and ready)

    What can I expect to pay? I’m on a very tight budget.

    Thank you!

  12. I would charge my hourly rate to do both jobs. The bed assembly should take about 30-45 mins with favorable conditions and the tv mounting is about an hour to properly center, lag into studs, and secure tv to bracket. @ 55 per hour you could look to spend $110-$150 (leaving a little room for something to happen) . Some people make charge by the hour to assemble bed and flat rate the tv mounting, which you’d then be closer to $200.

  13. Hey guys,
    I have some work to do for a local small business.
    I have to patch 5 drywall holes and some nail holes,
    remove 4 sets of blinds and hardware,
    Patch a hole in an interior door (I advised replacing but a patch was insisted upon)
    Replace weatherstripping on external door,
    Small amount of weedeating,
    Resize a screen to fit in a window,
    Install cove base around mop sink,
    Adjust a bathroom sink so it sits flush against wall and recaulk,
    And replace bathroom faucet
    How much would y’all charge?

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