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Started in December of 2006 and sponsored by Bob Cheal of Ship-Shape Handyman Services, the purpose of this site is to offer a central resource for consumers and handymen where handyman job pricing is discussed. For physical reasons, Bob is currently not soliciting work as a handyman. To better serve the community, this site was launched.

Jobs in the “How Much Should This Job Cost” section are all jobs that were completed over the last several years by Bob or have been submitted by homeowners. They are all shown for illustrative purposes and to spark discussion or debate. Prices were the actual prices paid by clients or, where noted, were estimates.

All handyman work is the same in that several jobs can be done more cheaply than one. Always have multiple jobs planned for your handyman before he/she arrives.

All comments are screened for appropriateness before posting.

Pricing given is intended to be used for comparative purposes only. Actual costs will vary widely for both materials and labor. Your location, the experience level of the technician, the difficulty of the job, unexpected challenges in completing the job, and the local cost of materials will all affect the price you pay.

Questions that we are attempting to answer are:

Am I paying too much for handyman work?

Where can I find a good handyman in my area?

If you are a handyman, are you charging too much or too little for your work?

What additional resources are available for consumers and handyman?

In most areas of the country a handyman is not required to have a professional license. It is your responsibility to choose your handyman carefully because no licensing authority is overseeing their actions.

Additionally, it is illegal for an unlicensed handyman to perform work over certain minimum dollar amounts and in many cases, it is illegal to hire a handyman to do jobs for which a licensed contractor is required.

Due to health related issues, Bob is not currently accepting new handyman jobs.

Thank you for visiting our site! Questions or comments? Please contact us.

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