Cost to replace trim around windows

Molding on Windows damaged by dogs – cost to repair.

Submitted by: Lindsey55 San Antonio, TX USA (Thursday, June 14, 2012)

I have 2 window moldings about 6 inches x 4 inches that my dog decided to chew on. I wanted them taken off and replaced. They are the windows that are next to the front door. There is also a bigger wood panel Outside that needs to either be replaced or sanded and painted. I just wondered a fair price on these. My landlord is trying to say it will cost over $1000.

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  1. $500. This estimate could be off by $500 depending on the extent of repair that is needed. I encourage you to contact a handyman in your area to come out and look at the work to be done.

  2. I am having 13 outside window trims replaced. I am purchasing the material and wonder what is a fair price for a non-licensed but seasoned handyman.

  3. Installing trim on 13 windows would be as much as a 2 day job for a single handyman. Has the old trim been removed and disposed of? What about priming, painting and caulking of the trim? I wouldn’t be surprised if a job like this were to run on the order of $800 for labor.

  4. I have 2 windows 32 x 48 and 3 double windows 64 x 48 …..what would be a good price on having the conerbead,jambs ,sills ripped out and install new white pine jambs,sills and trim…..its 62 ft total custom cut window jambs cut at around 8″ from wall to window and all new sills and trim on all 5 windows? What’s a good estimate in Pennsylvania?

  5. I have a room that needs painting its about 10×30 ceiling included, just one color on the walls and the ceiling flat. All the trim around the door and three windows needs to be removed. They want 2″ for the casingon the sides and on the top they want a one by layed flat then one standing up and another one laid flat. Dont know if that makes any sense. The windows are about 40×40 ish. Samnded and primed and painted with 2 coats of paint. Few minor holes in walls and paint and repair all base moulding around room. Also remove and install ceiling fan with remote control. Just a ball park figure. Its for a family member

  6. I had 11 window outside trim need to replace totally, need to know how much it cost, also how much to replace with Anderson window. Thanks

  7. Kasthuri Paderla

    I have 13 windows in side and planing to install new trims for all my windows including my fire place. May I know the material and labor cost to fix it?

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