What is the cost to hang drywall?

Submitted by: mikeupright Woodbridge, VA USA (Wednesday, December 12, 2012)

How much would it cost to hang 15 sheets of drywall?

Moderator Comments: 15 sheets @ $900. Approximate cost including cost of standard grade sheetrock, supplies and labor.


  1. So that would be $60 dollars a board… Would that also include a texture if wanted by customer or is that just hang tape mud and sand and does this also include all the materials…. The mud (90/45/20 min mud)and bucket mud for final coat, screws and tape, sand paper and sanding blocks..?

  2. $17.00 to hang one sheet 4 by 8 drywall
    and then $20.00 a sheet to mud and prime
    does not include mud , tape , corners or primer
    NOTE….if contractor say he just muds and not prime…tell them where to go.
    A good mudder primes after sanding so he /she can see the imperfections ‘ .
    Hope this helps

What would a fair price be?