Cost to Repair Hole in Drywall

Drywall Repair
Hole Kicked in Wall – Repaired

How much to repair a hole in sheetrock?

This picture shows the finished sheetrock after the hole has been repaired, the wall has been retextured, primed and painted.  The problem with calculating a cost for this type of job is that the handyman or contractor always requires at least two visits to complete the work.

Low estimate for materials and labor might apply if this job is performed along with other jobs on the same site to reduce the "trip" charges a contractor might add:

  • Drywall repair patch
  • Sheetrock spray on texture
  • Primer and paint
  • Labor 1.5 hours

High estimate for materials and labor if additional trip charges apply:

  • Drywall repair patch
  • Sheetrock spray on texture
  • Primer and paint
  • Labor 3.0 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $110

Consensus Price: $225

High Price: $225

Submitted by: Ketcho – Budget: Cheap Glassboro, NJ USA (Saturday, October 01, 2011)

Hole approximately 4 feet by 3 feet. It is in between two studs that are pretty far apart.

Low Price: $200

Consensus Price: $200

High Price: $200

Ceiling Repair

Submitted by: Tonja Roanoke, VA USA (Tuesday, February 28, 2012)

I have a drop ceiling in my house. I am a DIY and just need someone to repair the ceiling underneath. I will do the prep work i.e. take down the existing ceiling. I will purchase all the materials. I will do the finishing work i.e. painting the ceiling.

How much should I offer to pay for the assistance I only want to do a room at a time at my leisure. Will anyone want this kind of work?

Low Price: $125

Consensus Price: $150

High Price: $350

Submitted by: Kansas90 Saratoga Springs, NY USA (Sunday, April 03, 2011)

Can you tell me the Average Cost supplies and labor to professionally have a 12 inch by 18 inch hole repaired in standard sheet rock?

Submitted by: Michelle E. Lithonia, GA 30038 (August 13, 2013)

I have a 4 bed room house, how ever I have inherited several holes in the living room drywall, one hole behind the door of the front room entrance, a extra large size hole in the master bedroom, a medium size hole in the entry hallway of the master bedroom.

Moderator: Since you have several holes to be fixed at one location the cost shouldn’t be too much higher than the cost to fix a single hole.

Low Price: $200

Consensus Price: $250

High Price: $300

25 thoughts on “Cost to Repair Hole in Drywall”

  1. From start to finish on a drywall repair of the size you have, I would think that the job should be done in about two hours but would have to be spread over about three days. Three days allows time for drying and sanding of the repair.

  2. I can fix a hole the size of a bar of soap in 2 hours total using a metal re-enforced patch a 14 inch knife 20 minute setting compound and a blow dryer. it needs to be done in several applications to ensure that it is not noticeable….Ralph

    1. My response was cut some how but I was saying I didn’t recommend or like using those. Patches as their not as stout as replacing with drywall nor do I recommend drying the mud to fast as it will not cure right and crack this would be alright behind a toilet or somewhere not in traffic areas

  3. Linker Renovations

    That’s a pretty easy job but it is time consuming to let the mud set up between sandings. It should take about half a day.

  4. Could you tell me the Average Cost supplies and labor to professionally have a 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch hole in drywall ?

    1. Because of the amount of time required to let the mud dry, sand and repaint; most handymen seem to be charging from $150-225. Hope this is of some help.

    2. For a hole of that size, I usually charge $150, but they usually wind up wanting me to paint it too, so that adds a bit more, because you can’t just touch up that spot, you have to paint the whole wall.

  5. I am looking just to have a knock down finish applied to an exisiting wall 79×38. No other work to be done, I can paint on my own

  6. metal reinforced patches are obsolete. it is just about as fast to cut out a small square and put in some wood back supports and resheetrock it.

    anyone who is professional and fast should be able to sheetrock a 18X18 inch hole, tape, 20 minute mudd and blower dry, sand, second coat mudd, prime and paint and be done in 1.5 -2 hours. and there should be no evidence of a hole ever being there.

    for those of you on the 2-3 day thing with multiple coats on sheetrock patches, you are obsolete by about 15 years.

    texturing with a hopper gun on 79X38 would be $175 for me with most of the time in mixing and cleanup of equipment.

    1. I agree with you Dale. I haven’t used metal patches since I was 16 and I am 37. The only way we can make money on patches is by reducing the time and labor it takes to get it done. If I have to make two trips, my profit is eaten up in gas and excess labor. For any patch up to six inches, I charge $150 and I use a back-cutting method. Any larger than that and it starts at $200 and increases in $20 increments up to 1ft.
      I don’t mind posting this admission, because this is what I tell my clients up front and this post may help someone who is just starting out. If you need help with pricing or anything, shoot me a message and I’ll help in any way I can.

  7. how much would someone charge to hang and finish about three to four rooms of dry wall average size rooms about 10by12

  8. Can u tell me how much it would cost to pull old floor (laminate square tile)and replace it with new laminate tile 9 ft x 15′ 9″ room

  9. This is insane considering a $7 repair kit can be found at Home Depot, which includes wire net, spakle, and knife. Took 10 minutes to repair a hole the size of a bar of soap…Maybe 30 min for it to dry, and 5 min to primer and paint. Don’t get ripped off.

    1. Steph, the patch kit you are talking about may patch a hole, but it is not the professional way to patch a hole and the patches durability would be limited and would likely not hold up if leaned on or bumped. As others have said, a hot patch would be most suitable for smaller patch while a wood reinforced patch would be best for larger patches. Muded with 20 minute durabond, the patches would be virtually as durable, if not more so than the original board. Don’t get me wrong, i think the patch kit has it’s place, but i think it depends on the situation.

    2. For the one that says don’t get ripped off, I hope you don’t use someone to do repairs with this attitude. Ive seen work done as described. I wouldn’t let him touch my doghouse with a hole.
      Clearly he would not care how long it holds or how it looks.
      That’s what you pay for.

  10. Hello I have a total 12 windows that have curtain rods with 4 small screws holes per rod(48) and 2 windows with 6 screws (12 total), sliding glass door also with 6 small screws also a piece of 2 x 1 x 31 board on wall with 5 screws to hold heavy mirror.

    Can you give me a estimate on how much would it cost me?
    I live in Clermont Florida and if you know any reliable in my area.

    Thank you

  11. Have 12 holes left over on ceiling and walls after repiping. No water damage. Need patching and repainting, I will provide paint.

  12. Nave two 4in holes in textured ceiling from old hanging fixtures. How much to patch, texture and paint? Thanks!

  13. how much do you charge or ave price for ceilng damage from leaking pipe. Leak was fixed but plumber made 3 holes each about 2ft ×2ft.Old drywall was different levels and topped with a thick coat to even out.I did the job already it was a pain .Just wondering if I was close on pricing.Just labor.thanks

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