Cost To Remodel a Rental House

Submitted by: A-Handyman – Midwest City, OK USA

How much would you estimate to do the following: Repair and replace hard wood floor would need to be refinished. Repair and replace vinyl flooring. Repair or replace broken tile in shower surround. Repair falling ceiling. Repair and paint living room. Repair and paint bedrooms and bathrooms. Paint exterior house. Install shutters on front door.

3 thoughts on “Cost To Remodel a Rental House”

  1. Sorry, no way to make this kind of an estimate without walking through the house.

    This type of job should be done by a licensed contractor. An unlicensed handyman can not legally do a job of this size. The homeowner needs to cover their risk by hiring licensed, insured, bonded workers.

    1. In what state is this? Here is Texas you don’t have to have a license to do Painting, Tile, Wood flooring, Drywall, and Exterior painting and carpentry. And for sure need to walk and give an estimate. Always get an insured contractor, but bonding is good but not necessary.

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