Pressure Washing a Commercial Patio

Commercial Patio Pressure WashThe restaurant patio is made of concrete and is in need of power washing. There are oil deposits and plenty of black spots from heavy traffic and food and chewing gum spots.  The patio is 14 feet wide by 35 feet long.

Questions to ask the handyman:

  • Who will move the furniture?
  • Is there a water tap nearby?
  • Will you use hot or cold water?
  • Will you be applying a detergent?
  • Is there a machine charge for the pressure washer?

Low estimate for materials and labor:

  • Labor 3 hours

High estimate for materials and labor:

  • Pressure washer fee
  • Detergent fee
  • Labor 4 hours

2 thoughts on “Pressure Washing a Commercial Patio”

  1. i have a job pressure cleaning 1 flight og stairs that have been layered with small rocks about 4 to 5 hrs labor

  2. I am ripping and replacing 4 concrete parking stopers with 4 insutrial plastic one. The work required ia brraking up the 4 concrete stoppers, cutting the rebar pins that are in each one. The other stippers require that i pound in 3 12″ steel spikes for neath of the 4 new plastic atoppers. It’s for a restaurant in milwaukee. Can someone tell me what I should charge.

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