Cost To Plumbing Repair Replace Leaking Valves

Submitted by: helga203 – Morton Grove, IL USA

Need to replace two leaking shut off valves to water heater. Copper piping and soldering involved. Easy access to valves. Will be inspected.


  1. How much for replacing old poly-B pipe including 1 of 3/4″ T, 2 of 3/4″ joint, 1 of 3/4″ elbow, 1 of 3/4″ to 1/2″ joint, and 1 0f 1/2″ to 1/2″ flex to poly-B.
    Total length i sabout 7 ft.
    location is between water heater to over the shower booth. working space is so tight. Need to cut out ceiling of Shower booth about 3′ x 2’….

  2. (1/2) Slow flow on faucet on master tub

    3. Garage door bracket needs to be repaired

    4. Replace all gfci rec that are not working

    5. Fix leaking hall bath toiLet

    6. Fix flue on heat exchanger

    7. Fix overflow pipe on water heater

What would a fair price be?