Cost of Toilet Installation and Repairs

Submitted by: sephia Kent, WA USA (Tuesday, June 21, 2011)

How much to repair a toilet – stop the running and constant drip-drip-drip. I think the insides in the tank need to be replaced.

Toilet parts are relatively inexpensive and are usually available at your local hardware store. On the down side, toilet repairs, like any other plumbing job can often mean unexpected trips back to the store.

Low Price for parts and labor: $75

Consensus Price for parts and labor: $95

High Price for parts and labor: $125

There are excellent water saving toilets available new on the market for prices ranging from $125 – $400. The cost for labor to install the new toilet will be the same as the labor cost to repair the old one. Why not consider purchasing a new toilet?

3 thoughts on “Cost of Toilet Installation and Repairs”

  1. Travis Roberts

    Typically only the inner workings of the toilet need to be replaced. In most cases I would recommend keeping your older toilet (unless it is cracked or you hate the color) and just do a rebuild that involves replacing the fill valve, tank bolts/washers, supply hose, and flapper.

    New toilets save water and are rated at 1.2 gallons per flush – do you really want to have to flush twice? In my opinion, it’s better to rebuild your older 1.6 gpf or higher toilet and adjust the gpf to a level that saves water and is functional with one handle push.

    I would charge $100 to 125 flat rate for a toilet rebuild.

  2. Would like to have hand railing on front steps
    They are not high vinyl or rod iron is what I was
    Thinking of live in 21009 area

  3. Barbara Madsen

    I would like pricing for a handicapped toilet (what is the tallest you can get)
    And installation? This would be done in Canby, OR

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