Cost to Repair Dry Rot on a Trim Board

Pest Repairs
Pest Repair
Pest report found dry rot on this trim board. Should the entire trim board be replaced or should the repair be made with wood filler? In some cases it is more efficient to fill the hole with epoxy wood filler than to replace the entire board.

Low estimate for materials and labor repairing existing trim board:

  • Epoxy wood filler
  • Primer and Paint
  • Labor 1.5 hours

High estimate for materials and labor replacing trim board:

  • Trim board
  • Nails and Caulk
  • Primer and Paint
  • Labor 1.5 hours

After Repair
After the Repair
If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $95

Consensus Price: $120

High Price: $120

2 thoughts on “Cost to Repair Dry Rot on a Trim Board”

  1. Covering a problem area with filler is like putting a band-aid on a wide open sore. It maybe won`t hurt but it is not the correct treatment for the problem. Assuming that a pest control operator okayed the area the best way to fix it is to replace it.

    1 1-2 hours to remove replace and paint. I`d charge $120. for this service.

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