What would a handyman charge to paint an interior room?

Painting a bedroom or a bathroom are common tasks for a handyman.

The great majority of handymen will use a brush and roller to paint a single room. The effort required to prepare for a sprayer is too great to be economical for a small paint job.

The choice of colors made by the homeowner will greatly effect the number of coats needed to cover and the final cost of the job. If dark colors are chosen the painter will probably need to apply nearly 3 full coats of paint.

When purchasing paint, always buy the best quality available. The extra money spent on paint will be saved many times over in labor. Less coats will be needed and you’ll have a better finished product.

Another way to save money on your paint job is to buy primer tinted to the same color as the paint. The primer will more easily cover existing paint and you will almost always be able to get away with a single top coat.

Low estimate for labor and materials:

  • Primer and paint
  • Misc. paint supplies
  • Labor 4 hours

High estimate for labor and materials:

  • Primer and paint
  • Misc. paint supplies
  • Labor 6 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $300

Consensus Price: $300

High Price: $485

Submitted by: uhoh429 Chicago, IL USA (Friday, March 04, 2011)

I have had water damage repaired and need 5 ceilings painted in my home. Ceilings only no walls and the average size is 12×12. Also The ceilings will only be painted white. How much should I expect to pay for this job.

Low estimate for labor and materials:

  • Primer and paint
  • Misc. paint supplies
  • Labor 6 hours

High estimate for labor and materials:

  • Primer and paint
  • Misc. paint supplies
  • Labor 8 hours

Submitted by: uhoh429 Chicago, IL USA (Tuesday, April 05, 2011)

Scraping old paint priming and painting two coats of topcoat paint onto a pair of older wood garage doors. There is also a repair to some rotting trim that needs to be done. It`s similar to the picture of the door frame pest caused wood rot but worse.

The bottom 12in of wood needs to be removed and replaced because of rot. Each door is approx 9’x9′ square with some molding on 3 of the 4 sides.

Low estimate for labor and materials:

  • Primer and paint
  • Misc. paint supplies
  • Materials, trim
  • Labor and Materials $800

High estimate for labor and materials:

  • Primer and paint
  • Misc. paint supplies
  • Materials, trim
  • Labor and Materials $1200

Submitted by: MR.FIXIT – Budget: 500 decatur, AL USA (Thursday, October 20, 2011)

How much do I need to charge to just paint a 12×20 covered porch and the railings?

Low estimate for labor and materials:

  • Primer and paint
  • Misc. paint supplies
  • Labor and Materials $500

High estimate for labor and materials:

  • Primer and paint
  • Misc. paint supplies
  • Labor and Materials $800

2 level hallway painting

Submitted by: jim – Budget: $600.00 mount arlington, NJ USA (Wednesday, February 16, 2011)

I have been requested to paint an interior entrance hallway 25 feet min. length leading to a 2 story stairway which will require special rental ladders or scaffold leading to another upstairs hallway landing to all bedrooms and bath.

My estimate was planned on being submitted for $600.00 which I based on the equivalent of 2 bedrooms worth of labor if not a bit more. This would include the ceiling trim and walls. Is this a fair estimate for this area northern N.J? Thank You.

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $600

Consensus Price: $800

High Price: $800


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  1. Faragoi Construction LLC

    One coat primer in 12×12 bedroom walls only $00 one coat paint in same $130 all material included but paint.

  2. I am in Winder, Ga. For a 12×12 room with 8 ft. ceilings, it would cost $150.00 covering light color with light to medium color. Darker colors run about $225.00

  3. For interior spaces I charge $.55 per square foot of wall space. 396sqft x .55 $211 per coat for labor. Trim small drywall repairs and primer touch up included.

    I always let customers choose the paint but explain that dark colors may require two coats or a tinted primer and a single coat.

    1. what if, in the prepping, you were dealing with rock wallboard installed knowing that it would covered up with texture, then painted (oil base), then wall papered with the nastiest glue ever made. The ceiling rock installed as above, then sprayed with about 3/4-1″ popcorn, in a completely furnished bedroom use daily. Think that might add some to the cost?

  4. Maricopa Home Services

    To do an apartment paint included walls ceiling minimum prep and one coat of paint same color and sheen would be 600-700 dollars and same prior color.

  5. Does anybody actually get those rates? I live in Michigan and have been charging $180 for a 2 bedroom they furnish the paint.

  6. I have a side-job im doing for a neighbor. There are 2 bedrooms a long hallway with coves and a entry way with vaulted ceilings. Approximately a total of 2248 sq ft
    I have my own paint tools and they will be supplying the paint. What would be considered a fair price for this job?

    1. On a square footage basis, if you’re applying 2 coats of paint .37 per foot could be a good starting point. That would put your total labor cost at $831.76. You’ll need to make adjustments for the amount of prep to be done, for height of the vaulted ceilings and for local rates.

  7. Eduardo's construction

    •Small room with two coats would cost $ 180 additional the ceiling $60 told cost $240 just labor.

    •A Medium size room 2 coats 13×15
    Dining rm, living rm bed room would cost $240 additional ceiling $80 told cost $320 labor

    •A Large room 2 coats
    Kitchin,family rm and master bed room 16×20 $300 additional $150 for the ceiling told cost $450 for labor.
    southern California # 951-271-2593 call estimate thanks for your business.

  8. I’m priming 3 average size bedrooms and 1 bathroom . One bedroom is dark pink and bathroom is burgundy. Long hallway, living room dining combination, kitchen and tall foyer, all primed and painted off white plus all ceilings primed and painted. What would be reasonable. House is located in southern Wisconsin.

  9. Im need to have a master bathroom painted and trimed. Its not a large room and will have new drywall installed a few days before. Ive been quoted $550. Seems high to me. Is this about right!!

  10. im doing regular sized two bedroom one bath small kitchen living room and small hallway two small 8×12 probably bedrooms, one dark bergundy wall with three cotes it took to cover, no ceilings, alot prep from spackle covering small holes, to puting paper down, masking off most of the apptmnt, at 11hrs of labor nonstop,got it done in one day practically, what would b fair price for me to ask, thank you

    1. That is a lot of work. You could charge the job by your hourly rate, but it seems like the task would be worth at least $500. Hope this is of some help.

  11. What would be a fair price? I am painting a bedroom(12’x12′) just the walls (2 coats). One of the walls I have prepped to be painted stripes of two different colors. They supplied the paint and I supplied the materials. Thank you.

  12. I need a 550 sq foot apt painted . Living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom including baseboards and doors. What kind of cost can I expect.
    Its in NYC

  13. I’m looking for a good fair price to charge. I need to paint….
    3 bathrooms – only 1 accent wall in each.
    2 bedrooms – only 1 accent wall in each.
    Accent wall in closet.
    Large accent wall in living room
    (All accent walls textured)
    2 small bedroom full paint w/ custom decorative painting.

    1. One approach to take would be to estimate the job on a per square foot basis. If you’re rolling on latex paint you could start with a price of about .37 per square foot. After coming up with a total number adjust it upward or downward based on the condition of the walls and the amount of trim work. This price might not be high enough to cover the prep needed for your job. Make your best guess and if in doubt, charge by the hour.

  14. A neighbor has asked my husband and I to paint a house for them. It’s 3 small bedrooms and a living/dining room. All rooms will need some spackling. I’m not sure of the room sizes but it’s an older house and the rooms aren’t very big. They are going to supply the materials and buying that paint with the primer in it. We’re just doing the labor. I know the description is kind of vague but could you give us some kind of idea how much to charge. We are in the Middle TN area. Thank you.!

    1. My favorite approach to take with friends or family, or neighbors (in this case) is to offer them the friends and family rate. If a handyman’s normal rate is $50 per hour, charge them $25 or $30 per hour.

      In your case, even though the house is small this sounds like a pretty big job. Sometimes the smallest rooms can take the most time – think bathroom vs. bedroom! I favor the idea of charging by the hour or by the day. This way you’re covered if it takes more time than expected.

      Figure out a daily rate that you can accept…would it be $200/day, or $300 per day? More? Less? Run it by your neighbor. If the conversation doesn’t come easily you might want to suggest that they hire another professional. If you can’t discuss price with them this is an indication of more trouble ahead. Hope this is of some help.

  15. What would be the standard going rate for a regular 12×14 room be to paint walls only in 2 rooms here in Summerlin Nevada? Customer would provide paint only. Thanks for your help.

  16. Hey, thanks for the article. I’ve been charging $15/hr to paint (all supplies paid for by customer). I’m no pro, but I do a great job – though I’m sure a bit slower than the pros. Is this too much of a deal? Would $20/hr for the same work still be a great deal? This is in zip code 20653. Cheers

    1. Russell Stock

      Its dependent on the situation…if your not a professional painter then 15 is fair…I’m assuming your not licensed and bonded..when I charge an hourly rate its generally in the 30 to 35 an hour..but take in to account I have done this 22yrs an very efficient also licensed and bonded so there is no risk..if I’m spraying lacquer then that also bumbs the price..99% of the time I bid the whole job for a set price..hope this helps

  17. This person had 8 standard windows. .a bay window and a front door replaced..when they did the work they did damage. .I need to fix all the damage with wood putty and caulking and do 2 coats of paint..how much would I charge?

  18. I am painting two bedrooms, a kitchen and living room ceilings included of about average size not too big. I Am also Doing A Little plastering aND wall repair prior to painting. They are supplying all materials, so I am just charging for labor..How much should I charge initially? Then I can estimate in my family discount..

    1. Plaster walls with a few repairs. 4 doors, living room ceiling in approximately 16 feet tall. Some extra prep work involved

  19. I have been asked to paint a basement (concrete walls) the house is 1,860 sqft and I will be using a 5gl paint sprayer. i estimated it will need over 10 gal but no more than 15gal (one coat). over spray is not a concern as a drop ceiling and carpeting will be put in later. there are a few windows i will have to tape off the rest of the basement is empty how much should I charge for the job? the paint will be supplied by the home owner.

  20. What would be a fair price from a contractor to have these two rooms painted, primed + two coats. (We provide the paint only.)
    12 x 20, and 12 x 15 ft. walls – no ceiling. Also, one window molding 6 x 4, two 3 x 4 window molding, one door molding, and baseboard molding for both rooms? I live in Brooklyn, New York.

  21. 1120 square foot house. Kitchen, family room, MBR, 2 smaller bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 hallway. House is a rental and needs to be freshened up before being put on the market for sale. Current color is white walls and white trim. I would be keeping the same color. Price would be for walls and trim, maybe ceilings, too. Received one quote of $3000 which seemed high to me (included cost of paint). Thoughts? How long would it take to do this job (number of days)?

  22. You must figure out handyman labor prices for your area, to get rough estimates for a handyman to paint a room. Handyman prices in NYC are well over $100 an hour, where more rural areas can be as little as $25-30 an hour.

    I’m a handyman in the Petersburg, VA, area. I charge 4-5 hours labor (6-7 hours labor if will need additional coat), $25 in non-paint materials, plus paint costs if customer not supplying paint, to paint a ‘normal’ room with 8′ ceilings, that includes filling minor holes in drywall. Stairways, tall ceilings, excessive trim that has to be removed/re-installed or taped off, or any other special things are additional charge. Multiple rooms in one home receive discount on non-paint materials.

  23. I’m being asked to prep and paint a living room 22×12 which opens to a dining area 10×12 opening to a kitchen 12×12. This is essentially one large room. One side has 3 windows and a slider and the kitchen wall space is mostly cupboards. Ceiling painted for entire area. They are providing paint and there is minimal prep/patch work. I’m in Portland Oregon. Any suggestions on a good fair labor quote?

  24. Hi everyone. I’m in CT and just buying my first house. It is 1300 sf, 2 floors needing average family room, eat in kitchen, average living room, 1 small bathroom, 2 small hallways and 4 small bedrooms that are all currently painted white to be painted with various light colors. Minimal putty/hole filling needed. Also need all current wooden trim to be painted white. No actual doors or ceiling included, and I am supplying the paint. I was quoted $1600 in labor and wanted to know if this is correct. Thank you!

  25. Suburbs of Chicago. The owner gets rollers, and the paint, we use our own brushes supplies and it’s $15.00 an hour for a bedroom or $ flat rate of 100-150 depending on size includes ceiling. Apartments 1 bedroom is $260 and a two bedroom is $325

    1. I’m a real estate agent in Barrington. I’d like to get an estimate for painting several interior rooms in one of my listings.

      Thank you!

      Corie Frysztak
      Baird & Warner, Barrington

  26. Barbara McDonald

    Suburbs of Poulsbo, WA 98370. What would be fair Handy- man Labor for re-painting 3 steps and 8’x12′ peeling Deck-painted wooden porch. I will furnish Deck paint and most supplies.

    1. Depending on the condition of the old paint it wouldn’t surprise me if you received bids in the $500 range though it is impossible to tell without seeing the deck. You can get local bids for your work here: request an estimate.

  27. I was asked to paint a high ceiling room: height: 19 ft length: 20ft, width: 25ft they will provide the paint, I live in California.
    thank you

  28. I have two small bedrooms that need to be painted.one is 9 x 11, the other is 10 x 12. I just need the walls painted no moldings no doors no ceiling.the smaller room is currently dark blue, the larger room is currently dark green dot both have windows approximately 5 feet long by 3 feet high.

      1. I also will be doing a job for a neighbor and painting her kitchen (I’m soory I do not have measurements) it is a small to medium kitchen and just wants the walls n ceiling painted…repairing one small hiccup on the ceiling. She is an elderly woman and on a tight budget and I don’t want to over price her…so on a low scale to wash walls/ceiling/additional prep and paint one coat small to medium kitchen would be…what???
        my neighbor will be supplying materials…so pretty much just labor costs….I am in L.A. county California

  29. I need one bedroom 11×12 alternating black and gold 1ft stripes. 10ft ceilings in all rooms./ 2nd bedroom 18×14 light gray /bathroom 8×11 & a separate toilet area wallpapered over old wall paper odd shape room about 8.5x 5 all paint and wallpaper provided. In North Dallas. Thank you!

  30. Hi there. Was painting two rooms kitchen and living room. And also painting the ceilings in the kitchen and living room what would be an estimated cost for doing these two rooms with two ceilings. I plan on painting this myself for a friend wanted to know how much to charge

  31. laura m Robinson

    what would a handyman charge to paint a room 13 foot by 12 foot … including closet doors trim and ceiling? light spackle needed

  32. Fair price for a garage 20X20X10 and the ceiling. 1 coat of primer and 1 or 2 coats of paint. All supplies paid for by homeowner, just labor. In minneapolis. Thanks!

  33. Trying to estimate paint costs for this to include labor, paint, materials if I hire a contractor:
    Nine Rooms of a house; house will not have any furniture or occupants; measurement are approximate:
    1 large family room 28×17
    2 master bedrooms 17×20
    2 small bedrooms 15×9
    3 bathrooms (1 with wallpaper)
    1 laundry room 9×6
    1 kitchen (minimal walls) 15 x 15
    2 front from study’s 16×10
    1 foyer 15×10
    All trimwork needs to be painted. Using one color for trim and one color for walls. thanks!

  34. what would a good price be for 30×18 and 6×12 closet pluse ceilings, repair crack in ceiling have to mud and sand some uneven surfaces. 925sq ft walls and 650 ceilings? whats a good fair price

  35. Painting 750 sq ft walls 700 sq ft ceilings and 4×12 ft stairway 2 coats paint is supplied how much do I charge?

  36. Nancy rodrigue

    What would I charge to paint and interior room 17′ x 10′ x 9′ ceilings two coats walls only . The room has two doors 32 inch wide one door 48 inches wide and one window 6 x 7 what is a fair price to charge ?

  37. What would be a good price for painting a 12×14 room 2coats and an accent wall Caulk and paint baseboard, install caulk and paint 4 inch crown molding

  38. 2200 sq ft home. All trim colorings closets and doors

    1800 sq ft home walls, ceiling, trim closets and doors. Rather large rooms one bedroom Pom alone is 12×12 sqft. And they have a family room 22x 12, living room 14X22, a small dinning area off the kitchen but separated by a wall is 13x 11 . 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms total. That’s 12 rooms in the house. And 4 closests 15 doors including closets. What is a fair price, labor only they pay for paint

  39. We have totally prepped a 10 x 12 bedroom. Removed trim, patched and sanded holes and bought all supplies. What would be a fair price to pay my friend to paint room and ceiling? She won’t quote me.

  40. How much should I charge to paint a large living room 20’×15′ with 1 coat a small dining room 12’×12′ and hallway about 8′ long that leads to the bedrooms both with 1 coat also and no ceilings included???

  41. Need to have a condo painted. 500sq ft. Single level. Walls – color & trim/ceiling – white. Minor wall repairs (nail heads).

    What would be a fair price?

  42. Roger N Lemkie

    to repair and paint 16 by 18 living room and hallway,that been painted with semi-gloss paint. And going to egg shell paint.

  43. Need to paint one bedroom apartment (Living room, Kitchen with Cabinets, Bedroom, Closet, Bathroom) around 550 sq. feet. Cream color before but tenant paint the dark grey on the top. Need to paint the original cream color again. Please let me know the best price you can offer. Thank you!

  44. Need to polish and clean some paint spots (few only) from the original wood floor in living and bedroom area. Approximate 14×14 and 10×10 room area. Please let me know the best price you can offer. Thank you!

  45. Hey everyone, I’m hoping to get some advice on what to charge for a retail space in the mall to be painted. The details are:
    •2302 sqft of paintable area (walls and ceiling)
    •roughly 20 track lighting fixtures on ceiling in various locations
    •3 colors for walls with columns, trim, and ceiling
    •patching needed for most of the ceiling and average amount on walls
    •minimum of 3 coats to cover existing color
    •one color is metallic paint which needs 4 coats minimum
    •20 small cabinets/ tables need to be moved to access the walls

    …. there is more to the job but I figured I would start with this. I would greatly appreciate any help with this anyone can offer. This is in Mission Viejo, ca at the mall and the work can only be done after hours which is 8pm until 8am.

    Thank you

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