Painting Upstairs Rooms Existing Home

Posted by: Dean Location: Fairway, KS

We are thinking about adding an upstairs to our existing home. About 1,250 sq ft (2 beds w/ closets;bath;living area;loft area).

It’s nothing major. Just painting the news walls going up. I figure $300.00 a room is fair.

Am I close or not?

Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Yes, $300 per room is a fair price for painting. Depending on the amount of prep needed you might calculate a rough cost as high as $1.00 per square foot of wall space for a two coat application.

  2. H & W Home Improvements

    Depending on size $300 could be fair. As srbobc said, $1.00 a square paintable foot is a fair price or a simple rule to get you close is to calculate $3.00 per square foot (regular square foot not paintable). This is for a two coat application.

    1. If you live in a 1500sq ft home, it will be different than a 3500sq ft home. Different houses have different sized rooms.
      Room dimensions are KEY to getting an accurate quote or per foot of paint needed. AND is it a repaint, new , or over dark colors..etc.

  3. Infinity Handymen

    If we are including only ceiling and wall, I will say $150-$200. However walls, ceiling, closets, closet doors, entrance doors and trims may run between $300-$400 doubled coating.

  4. What would be a fair cost to paint an 8 x 10 dining room, 13 x 12 living room. 14 x 13 bedroom, 10 x 12 bedroom, 6 x 10 kitchen, all with 9 ft ceilings. and 12 step stairwell?


    1. About $1950.00 using avg quality paint for ceiling fresh coat and two coats on walls +fresh coat on baseboards…

  5. Hi I’m wondering how much you would pay someone to paint 1 coat of trim 8 ft × 2 inches and 3 average size windsor sees?

  6. I’m curious, ballpark price to paint a three story house, all floors ceilings, baseboard, door and window casings, doors both sides, and one 8×4 wall and one 10×8 wall. All one coat only with patching and sanding on one wall and fixing a closet door plus installing and caulking loose baseboard in closets.

    I know this is a lot to just guess at but I’m curious to hear your thoughts.


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