Handyman Cost to Re-Stain a Deck

Deck after stain

How Much Would a Handyman Charge to Re-Stain a Deck?

To re-stain a deck the biggest block of time is spent preparing for the staining.

Power washing the deck, repairing any rotted or broken boards must all be done first.  Leaving the deck to dry for at least 48 hours after the pressure washing is a step that cannot be skipped.

Ask the handyman if there will be a fee for the pressure washer?  What type of repairs are needed?

Low estimate for materials and labor:

  • Pressure washing the deck
  • Deck Stain
  • Labor 3 hours

High estimate for materials and labor:

  • Pressure washing the deck
  • Decking materials for repairs
  • Deck Stain
  • Labor 6 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $325

Consensus Price: $325

High Price: $500

Pressure Wash and Stain a Deck

Submitted by: dano – Budget: $300-$500 Worcester, MA USA (Monday, June 07, 2010)

What would be the cost to pressure wash and stain a 10`X 10` deck with a 10`X 6`partition. Partition is one side only as this is split condo using Behr Premium deck stain one coat.

Low Price: $325

Consensus Price: $400

High Price: $400

Simple 12X12 powerwashing and seal deck job

Submitted by: Laura Rose Raleigh, NC USA (Saturday, November 20, 2010)

I have a 12X12 deck. How much for powerwashing and sealing. Start time is flexible as long as the time between start and finish is reasonable.

Low Price: $225

Consensus Price: $380

High Price: $380

Submitted by: coco Jacksonville, AL USA (Tuesday, October 18, 2011)

I have a deck 12ftX18ft in AL. I would like to know the cost of wash and stain. It is a new house. So the deck is in good condition.

Low Price: $255

Consensus Price: $350

High Price: $400

Submitted by: AK, Hercules, CA (Saturday, June 8, 2013)
My patio deck needs to be restained. The wood is peeling a bit and looks faded.

47 thoughts on “Handyman Cost to Re-Stain a Deck”

    1. We have already had the deck pressure washed. There might be a little sanding not that much we have already bought stain enough for two coats. Our deck is approximately 550 feet so if you add a second coat the labor would be for 1100 square feet. We are interested in what you would charge after looking at deck.

  1. Wow that would be a great price here! The cheapest I could find on a 12×16 was $800 of which $165 was materials stain.

  2. I power washed and stained a 10′ x 15′ solid mahagony deck last year at a rock bottom price of $550. That is the lowest I have ever or will ever go again to get a job. On the other hand I have done decks that are 13′ x 26′ power wash and then using “Deck Restore” for $1500.

    1. Would you please pass the contact info to me. I have a double deck that needs power wash and stain. Some rotted needs to be repaired first. I also need the backyard fence power washed and stained.


      1. olga shulman lednichenko

        hi, did you get your deck repaired?

        how much did it cost in labor and materials?


        olga shulman lednichenko

  3. Appalachian Deck Restorations

    On a 12′ x 18′ deck that includes handrails I would charge $1.50 per sq. ft. on the deck and $5.00 per linear ft. on the railing and pickets plus extra for steps, lattice, etc. so this would come up to about $550 which includes material.
    This is cheaper than the national average which is about $2.00 per sq. on the floor and $7.00 per linear ft give or take a little, making it about $725.
    Really its all about the region you live in and the cost of living in that area as to what any job will cost and also, who you get to do it. Just remember, you get what you pay for usually.I charge a little more than some in this area but I fully prepare a deck before staining. I dont just pressure wash a deck and stain it, I wash it with wood cleaner-not the type that contains bleach which will harm the integrity of the wood, but a sodium percarbonate cleaner, rinse, coat it with wood brightener which a lot of people skip but I think is the most important part, rinse, and then stain when it is dry.

  4. Looking @ deck that is 14′ X 32′ with pickets and 8 steps. Need to pressure wash and then stain main deck and top rail with one color, and the pickets a different color.

  5. Deck prep starts about .75 cent sft

    Clean, mold control

    Repairs about $6.00 per board foot

    Stain about $1.25 sft

    Seal about . .50 sft sft

    Average cost about $3.25 sft

    For a 10×10 area

  6. Redoing a deck for a family friend and the deck is 35’x35′ including railing on 1/3 of the deck and the other 2/3 is 4′-12′ high fencing. I power washed the deck, sanded the main floor of the deck, treated with mold/exterior house cleaner, and two coats of Bear premium sealer on all of the deck. I am looking online for prices so I know what to charge them and finding that even if I charge $1.50 (way under the national average) for just the deck surfacing is just under $2,000 not including the fencing and the railings. I also cleaned up there patio/stairs for the entrance of their house which is roughly 6’x6′ and a picnic table. Those of course were done the same way as the deck. all materials and tools were provided by the home owners. I think he is going to have a heart attack when I show him the estimates and what people are charging but for a project like this what would a professional charge?

  7. No doubt that deck work can be expensive. The key is insuring that the homeowner is fully aware of the cost before the job begins. Installation costs on 4×4 rough sawn beams 4ft on center Redwood materials can easily run $10 per SF materials and labor.

  8. patrick nester

    patio/deck roughly 384 square feet to be covered with restore rust-oleum X 10 handrails,33 inches tall 66 lf there are 120 balusters 23 newel post there is 4 sets of steps 3 step ea 46 inches wide there is lattice work roughly 235 square feet and a poolside bench, there are 10 decorative balls on top of the post, deck needs to be pressure washed. And using x4 restore deck stain for handrails an lattice work

  9. I need to find out what it would cost to paint a Bare Wood deck (Cat Walk – made for wheel chair access). It is 33 feet long, 4.5 feet wide, with handrails (height of handrails is 3.5 feet) on both sides, that have 2 boards that make up the top of the handrail. Spindles are every 5 inches (rectangle 1 inch width). The wood is bare (never stained or painted before, yet fairly new wood – in good shape), and has been cleaned already and ready for 1 coat of Primer (may be oil or latex primer), and then 2 coats of Latex paint. Average cost for North Central Florida, any ideas? Thanks!

  10. It’s really impossible to give accurate pricing based simply on dimensions. Forget the cost of materials for a second (5 gal. of a good stain [TWP] runs about $200). There is a lot of variance when it comes to prep. and application.

    If your deck has a solid stain, it will need a lot more work than a clear or semi-transparent stain. In addition to simply pressure washing, you’d need to strip off all the old stain (which pressure washing alone may not do) to ensure good results.

    Some deck re-stains are floors/steps only (some decks are semi-transparent floors and solid railings for an accent). In this case, there is labor involved in taping unless you have a slop worker getting new stain on old surfaces which aren’t being re-stained.

    Spindle type determines labor, also. Standard 2×2 posts are a lot easier to stain than curved/Victorian finial-type spindles.

    Application method determines labor. Is the guy/gal doing to work going to roll/spray and then back-brush, or are they going to hand-brush everything? Depending on the gap-spacing between floor boards on your deck, hand-brushing is often the only way to go –unless you want to see areas between deck boards where new stain failed to make it. This will very likely happen with a roll/spray + quick back-brush method. This approach will very rarely get good coverage in gaps.

    If you’re looking to go the cheap route and plan to re-stain every year, a low-ball estimate who does quicker work may be for you. If you want to do the job once and have it last, the extra cost is worth the extra effort. In the end, the cost of one “good” job and a few “ok” jobs is often the same — it’s just that the “good” job will look good, and the “ok” jobs will simply look “ok”.

  11. We have a deck approximately 55 feet long and 12 feet wide with a rail & spindles. We need it power washed and sealed. Approximately how much would it cost?

    1. Depending on the condition, you could expect to pay anywhere from .85 to $1 per square foot. You mention that there are spindles – that will add extra time, particularly if they are very closely spaced.

  12. I have a 2 story deck
    1st story: 11 feet x 5 feet with pickets
    15 stairs up to 2nd deck with pickets
    2nd deck is 11 x 17
    railings are composite, do not need staining, but there is wood directly underneath them that will need staining

    How much can I expect to pay for materials and labor?

  13. I’m looking for how much it would cost to strip, sand, power wash, stain (2 coats) of a porch that is 35′ long by 5′ wide. With approximately 100 spindles. there’s 2 steps also and this would be in southern Minnesota. I am trying to give a bid to a customer. And I roughly came up with 2 days prepping it and 3 days total for both coats. So pretty much 40 hours total.

  14. Looking into what it would cost to power wash and stain my deck. It’s 270 square feet and we’ve already purchased the stain, so that wouldn’t need to be included.

  15. what do you think would cost to prep a deck 1500 sf with railings and steps with boards measuring 4″x12″x16′. the old stain is solid color last stain about 5 years ago, most of it is fairly good with the exception of the entrance that has lots of traffic. what do I need in materials to complete the job? owner wants it done. do I need to strip the whole deck and just leave the railings alone or do I need to strip everything.?


    1. I think that the operative word would be sanding, not stripping for the old stain. You should consider sanding everywhere to ensure that you get an even finish and good adherence of the new stain. Some areas will need just a light sanding, high traffic areas will need more attention. Take your hourly or daily rate and multiply it by the amount of time you believe that it will take to complete the job.

  16. Ours wasn’t as cheap as you quoted, but it was still pretty affordable. We bought TWP 100 series deck stain online from the site I put in the comment signature, and we calculated how much we needed on that same site: http://www.twpstain.com/twp-deck-stain-calculator

    500 sq ft needed $170 of TWP stain, and $50 in cleaner/brightener. Labor was $200, so all in we were at $420. We live in Michigan, btw.

  17. What would the cost be to powerwash and clean a 25 x 13 foot pressure treated southern yellow pine deck and then stain it with a quality semi-transparent stain. We live in North Central Massachusetts.

    Thank you.

  18. What would be the approximate cost to powerwash a 60 x 32 vinyl sided mobile home that has streaks on it already from a previous bad job? Located in North Central Florida

  19. 1600 square foot deck – medium difficulty. About 2 years old and is in good condition. Just needs a power wash and two coats of stain. What is a good price to charge ?

    1. A 1600 Sq deck is massive. I think a fair price would be $3500-$4000. Maybe be more or less but I would need to see it first. I power wash and stain decks all the time and I’ve never did a deck that large before but I’d be up to any challenge.

  20. I have 341 sq ft of deck boards and steps to do. No rails or pickets. I need to remove paint that was put on 3 years ago and is now peeling off. I then need to clean and brighten the wood followed by staining with a solid stain to match the rails and pickets. What would be a fair price to propose to the customer? Harrisonburg VA 22801

  21. I have a 400 sq foot deck plus spindles, rails, and 4 steps. Located in western North Carolina. Looking for a reasonable quote – can’t decide if this is a project I should take on myself to save a few dollars or hire someone as it seems like quite a project! Thanks for your help!

  22. My fiance got asked to stain a deck, stain only. Its a 14 X 50 deck with railings, spindles and seating built in. How much should he charge the guy to do it? If the owner buys materials? We are in Maine. Thank you

  23. Paint from my deck is coming off (1o X 13). I need it cleaned and repainted. We have a townhome in North Potomac. Please let me know a ballpark estimate if possible.

  24. I have a 10 yr old one level deck with rails and spindles. It is 20ft.x20ft. It was stained with TWP 1501 cedartone stain. Boards are pine and in very good shape. Surface is faded with black spots. I would like it stripped, brightened and washed and then stained with the same type stain.

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