Exterior Cosmetic Home Repairs


I am trying to get some of the cosmetic work done on the exterior of our home.

  1. The ornamental balcony on the second floor- the stucco wall is cracking, would like to repair it prevent further deterioration as well as for good appearance ( see pic)
  2. The wooden plank on the front porch is rotting- would like to repair with filler or replace it.
  3. Pressure wash of the driveway and sealant application to prevent weed growth
  4. Motion sensor lamp fixing to illuminate driveway.
  5. Chalking of the window exteriors (6 windows) since there was a leak on the front door trim during a heavy rainfall last summer.

Please let me know how much this would cost including the materials (except the driveway light which I already bought) I appreciate your input.

2 thoughts on “Exterior Cosmetic Home Repairs”

  1. From your description, this seems like a single full day of work. Labor rates will vary, but you should expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $75 per hour. That puts the full day rate at $200 – $600 for labor. Hope this is of some help.

  2. Patricia Campbell

    Hello! I need to replace a front porch floodlight with a semi-flush mount lighting fixture; simple baseboards installed in two 10×10 bedrooms; 2 kitchen drawers sliders repaired; and five cracks on house exterior stucco walls filled.
    I already have the front porch light so I need to know how much labor and other materials would cost. Thank you very much.

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