Cost to Repaint a Deck

Submitted by: Sarah Location: Barre, MA

What would the cost be for power washing, scrapping off chipped paint, and repainting a 12×12 outside deck with railings all around deck?


  1. Not knowing the condition of the paint it’s hard to estimate the amount of time that would be spent in preparation. A good rule of thumb is that a worker will spend at least as much time preparing the surface as they do in the actual painting.

    Since this job would take two trips – one to powerwash and prepare the deck, and the second to paint I would figure that it would total 1 full day for the work. In northern California you would pay about $50 per hour. This is most likely comparable to Massachusetts.

    I’d give this a low estimate of $400 and a high estimate of $700.

  2. DC Metro area size of deck is 14×24( upper), 12×12 lower deck. replace 16 linear foot of deck boards 2 (1″x6″), tighten 24. Railing posts, refasten. 273 2×2 pickets, replace 18 1″x6″ stair treads with 18 2″x6″ stair treads, also replace 2 1″x6″x 4′ stair treads, replace 137 linear feet of top rail ( considering using composite ), and paint whole deck except top rails ( if composite) size of decks (2) upper is

  3. I have 872 sq foot deck wookd and 90 square feet of railing, how much to paint, got a price of $1,300. Is this a good price?

    One room to paint quoted $725, is this a good price?

    Live in northern, NJ

    • You mean Linear feet of railing, it’s a big difference!
      If the deck is new wood product should be around $250. Add 1 gallon if you have spindals. Labor $350 low $500 high equaling $600-$750 before tax and if they are licensed, bonded and insured.

      If old decking requiring scraping, sanding and or powerwashing add: 1 day plus $50 material, $200 to $300 labor. Oh add $125 for spendals and .5 day labor. Those little suckers take longer!

  4. 225 square foot deck, 12 x 8 privacy fence, 25′ railing with spindles and three steps. Needs power-washed, sealed with a “splinter proof” sealer for horizontal and similar colored sealer for vertical. Needs to be finished O/A 1 August 2015. Need approximate turn-key pricing. Live in Charleston, WV 25314.

  5. I am not a professional painter but I have painted decks before, know how to scrape, patch, seal and prime. What would be a fair price to charge someone for a 12 x 12 deck and stairs? No rotten wood, just needs to be cleaned, prepared and painted.
    Many thanks for your advice. (I am in Northern California.)

What would a fair price be?