Cost to Repaint a Deck

Submitted by: Sarah Location: Barre, MA

What would the cost be for power washing, scrapping off chipped paint, and repainting a 12×12 outside deck with railings all around deck?

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  1. Not knowing the condition of the paint it’s hard to estimate the amount of time that would be spent in preparation. A good rule of thumb is that a worker will spend at least as much time preparing the surface as they do in the actual painting.

    Since this job would take two trips – one to powerwash and prepare the deck, and the second to paint I would figure that it would total 1 full day for the work. In northern California you would pay about $50 per hour. This is most likely comparable to Massachusetts.

    I’d give this a low estimate of $400 and a high estimate of $700.

  2. Edward Parker

    DC Metro area size of deck is 14×24( upper), 12×12 lower deck. replace 16 linear foot of deck boards 2 (1″x6″), tighten 24. Railing posts, refasten. 273 2×2 pickets, replace 18 1″x6″ stair treads with 18 2″x6″ stair treads, also replace 2 1″x6″x 4′ stair treads, replace 137 linear feet of top rail ( considering using composite ), and paint whole deck except top rails ( if composite) size of decks (2) upper is

  3. I have 872 sq foot deck wookd and 90 square feet of railing, how much to paint, got a price of $1,300. Is this a good price?

    One room to paint quoted $725, is this a good price?

    Live in northern, NJ

    1. You mean Linear feet of railing, it’s a big difference!
      If the deck is new wood product should be around $250. Add 1 gallon if you have spindals. Labor $350 low $500 high equaling $600-$750 before tax and if they are licensed, bonded and insured.

      If old decking requiring scraping, sanding and or powerwashing add: 1 day plus $50 material, $200 to $300 labor. Oh add $125 for spendals and .5 day labor. Those little suckers take longer!

  4. 225 square foot deck, 12 x 8 privacy fence, 25′ railing with spindles and three steps. Needs power-washed, sealed with a “splinter proof” sealer for horizontal and similar colored sealer for vertical. Needs to be finished O/A 1 August 2015. Need approximate turn-key pricing. Live in Charleston, WV 25314.

    1. Is this crazy Tim that lives in South Hills? The one that got fired from the state? If so, what’s the point of giving you a price? You don’t have any money to pay anyone. Neither you nor your drunk work. Don’t waste your time on this deadbeat. Google him first. Idiot.

  5. Patricia Brennecke

    I am not a professional painter but I have painted decks before, know how to scrape, patch, seal and prime. What would be a fair price to charge someone for a 12 x 12 deck and stairs? No rotten wood, just needs to be cleaned, prepared and painted.
    Many thanks for your advice. (I am in Northern California.)

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