Cost to remove paint and stain a concrete porch

What would the cost be to remove paint and stain a concrete porch? I have a 12X20 concrete porch. There is currently peeling paint on the porch floor and the concrete blocks (3 high) of its foundation. I would like to have the paint removed and have the concrete stained.


  1. Based on what you’ve described this would probably be about a full day job. This would mean you could expect labor ranging from $300 – $400 dollars.

  2. Stained concrete cost about $ 4.50 sft for project of 500 sft and thing under that cost could very typically a minimum of $1200 per day for small project .

    Prep and clean, remove stains, oil, paint etc !

    Stain and touch up stain .

    Sealing floor this get a lot more attention because we can have many different sealer that can provide long life durability .

What would a fair price be?