Installation Cost for New Mailbox and Post

Install Mailbox and Post

The original mailbox was knocked over by a car. This mailbox installation included digging a new hole and installing the post in concrete. A second trip was needed to install the mailbox and paint the post.

When considering the cost of a job like this removal of the old concrete can add significantly to the time required. Where will the new mailbox be located if the concrete cannot be removed?

If two trips be needed this will also add to the price.

Low estimate for materials and labor:

  • Pressure treated 4×4 post
  • Mailbox
  • Concrete
  • Misc. screws and nails
  • Primer and paint
  • Labor 3 hours

High estimate for materials and labor:

  • Redwood 4×4 post
  • Mailbox
  • Concrete
  • Misc. screws and nails
  • Primer and paint
  • Labor 4 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $150

Consensus Price: $225

High Price: $225

Submitted by: mirella_yessenia – Budget: not sure Central Islip, NY USA (Thursday, May 12, 2011)

I need a estimate to present to an Insurance Company. My mailbox was involve in a car accident and the car was push and hit my mailbox and broke the pole. I need to replace it.Thank You Mirella

Low Price: $350

Consensus Price: $350

High Price: $350

Submitted by: beezie1 Selden, NY USA (Tuesday, October 04, 2011)

Install a post mail box at curb. What would a handyman charge including a basic mailbox and wooden post?

Submitted by: Paully11 Eagan, MN USA (Friday, November 25, 2011)

Need estimate on replacing a mail box and post for insurance company of the car who hit it.

Low Price: $175

Consensus Price: $225

High Price: $225


Submitted by: John York, PA USA (Tuesday, May 21, 2013)

Replace a mailbox post, wooden, with a paper box added, concrete post in place into grass . What’s labor cost? Remove old one, place new.

Low Price: $150

Consensus Price: $200

High Price: $225

Submitted by: Amy C, Knoxville, TN USA (Friday, June 14, 2013)
removal of old concrete (approx 200lbs) & pole, and replacement with new pole/post, concrete, and rear accessible mailbox, same location. Cost to be paid ( admitted fault) by insurance of car that killed the old one.

40 thoughts on “Installation Cost for New Mailbox and Post”

  1. RKS Handyman Improvements

    Is it just a 4×4 post or is it a cast mail box big difference. need more details of what kind of mail box you have. Did it have a cement base?

    1. my mail man hit my basket ball post broke it it hit the mail box and broke it i have the plastic sleeve that fits over the 4by4

  2. If a new hole could be dug. The new post could be secured in a new cement base. Labor cost of $125 plus materials.

    If the original cement base needs to be dug up and then new post installed it could be $300 labor plus materials. I had one post that had about 300 lbs of cement used on original installation.

  3. Mailbox post with 2 separate mailboxes on it was hit by car, post broke off into ground. Will need to replace both mailboxes.

    1. The cost to remove and install new post in cement would be $140 which would include assembly and attachment of new mailboxes. If you wanted a custom post designed from cedar wood that would support 2 mailboxes you would ad $80 to estimate. If you require new mailboxes then the price would vary depending on choice of mailboxes. Hope this is helpful!

  4. Sherry Nalder

    I need a new mailbox post Installed. The prior one was metal and broke from years of weather and now is two metal pieces sticking out of the cement slab out near the curb. How much should this cost to saw the cement and re cement a new post in. I already purchased the post and supplies so it would just be the labor costs.

    1. Labor to remove all existing materials, prepare hole for new post at approximately 24 inches below ground level. Install level post supported by cement at the base and attachment of mailbox. You are looking at $140. Hope this is helpful.

  5. Depending on whether it is a new install (no concrete in the ground) or replacement (remove old concrete) it would be $150 – $200 for labor which would include mailbox assembly if necessary.

    There are enough different types of mailboxes and quality that material prices could vary quite a bit from less than $100 to $300. For an additional charge for the time & materials, I am always happy to pick up the the mailbox for the homeowner’s convenience.

  6. I need an installation estimate for an insurance company for my mailbox which was hit and knocked out of the ground by a car. What would be the cost for the removal of the old concrete (which needs to be dug up) labor and materials and replacing the mailbox? It was a Whitehall Bronze in-ground with post.

  7. kevin kimsey INNERPEACE LANDCARE


  8. I need an installation estimate for an insurance company for my metal mailbox and metal post which was backed into by a commercial van and knocked out of the ground. What would be the cost for the removal of the old concrete, labor and materials to replace with new metal post and mailbox?

  9. A local school bus company hit my mailbox they are requiring an etimate to pay for the damage the original was a large box 12″wide x 15″ high X 24″ deep, it was supported by an aluminum post set in concrete what is a fair replacement price?

  10. 12″ wide x 15″ high X 24″ deep box a round aluminum post set in concrete old post and concrete needs to be dug out.

  11. post was set in the sidewalk next to the curb. post rotted, and broke off at sidewalk surface leaving remaining of the post still in the hole. what do you recommend, and how much would you charge to just replace the post to leagle height.

    thank you

    jim edwards

  12. I need an insurance estimate for a Gibraltar Cast Aluminum Mailbox and Post Combo (OldeTowne). The original was struck by a car and the concrete unmounted from the ground with all parts completely destroyed.


  13. felicia n collins

    So i need an estimate of how much it would be to replace just the mailbox, not the post? My home is rented out and i cant be there to do it myself.

  14. Replace mailbox and post with part of the concrete driveway . Looks like a 2’×2′ cut out of driveway concrete. Install post. Then concrete around post at 4″ to incorporate with driveway pad.

  15. What is fair labor cost to dig hole, install post and cover the post with a pre-fab mailbox all materials supplied including cement and post. Only need labor.

  16. Movers broke my wood post and mailbox. Needs to be dug out, concrete base as well. New post and large mailbox. What estimate should I give the moving company?

  17. Glynda Pomerantz

    A drunk driver took out my one of a kind antique horse drawn plow mailbox pole with box with concrete attached. I would supply the new mailbox and newly fabricated post so I need only get an estimate of labor and materials to sink the post in concrete. I live in Baxter, TN.

  18. I need an estimate to present to an Insurance Company. My mailbox was involve in a car accident. The car broke the 4×4 post and completely destroyed my mailbox. Old concrete needs to be dug out and new needs to be installed. Mailbox was a Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Locking Mailbox 11.2-in W x 11.5-in H Metal Pewter Lockable Post Mount Mailbox with a metal post frame that inserted into the wooden 4×4 post. It was less than a year old. I need an estimate of labor and materials. I live in San Jose, CA

  19. Debra Penn-Sharkey

    What does it cost in northern Va to re-do a mailbox? Ours is leaning.
    Our HOA wants it fixed.

    Here in Virginia, as most states it can be only 24″ deep and no concrete.
    (So if hit by a car, bike, etc it can topple over). Concrete is illegal in most states. You can look at US Postal service website (mailbox installation, to see the requirements). If you use cement, you are in violation of the law.

    Rocks & wood do not seem to work. Argh. Any DIYer’s got good info?

    1. All manufactured mailboxes must meet the internal and external dimension requirements of the USPS.
      Curbside mailboxes must be placed on the right-hand side of the road and facing outward so that mail carriers can access it easily without leaving their vehicle.
      The box or house number on a mailbox must be represented in numbers that are at least 1 inch tall, and they must be positioned on the front or flag side of the box.
      Mailboxes must be placed 6 to 8 inches away from the curb; the slot or door must be 41 to 45 inches from the ground.
      Curbside mailbox posts should be buried less than 24 inches deep and made from wood no larger than 4 inches high by 4 inches wide. Steel or aluminum pipes with a 2-inch diameter are also acceptable.
      Newspaper receptacles may be mounted on the same post as the mailbox, but they must not contact it directly or be supported by it.

  20. Call this guy I used him for a new mailbox did a wonderful job very knowledgeable

  21. Hit a mail post, knocked off the entire post and will have to replace the old cement, put new bolts in, and replace the original wooden post and possibly 2 mailboxes

  22. Catherine J smith

    the estimate I have so far is $350.00 replace cement in new mail box and paper box. Plus $50. to have area cleaned of broken glass and debris. total $400.00

  23. I was wondering what an estimate would be for a brick mailbox repair.. It’s about 4 ft tall maybe 3 ft wide it tipped over and the top half cracked. Wondering what something like this would cost to repair.

    Thank you

  24. $250 is reasonable for the amount of labor and time it takes to complete the job. I personally would have added $50 because of the drive time if it were to take two trips. We recently opened a handyman service honolulu company and will definitely utilize this site for future quotes. Thanks a ton!

  25. My mailbox was involved in a car accident and was ran over. The mailbox fell over and the post snapped. I live in Minnesota and there is still ice and snow so I’m not sure what the correct amount would be needed to replace/repair the mailbox and post. I need an estimate to send to my insurance company.

    Thank you

  26. I’m in West Michigan, I find many of estimated time’s on the project’s which the Q & A’s have
    not been clear on what is involved in the entire project of replacing a road side home Mailbox.
    First I would start with your time spent educating the prospect while establishing a rapport to even be asked for the estimate. the marketing of service’s, travel times the correspondence with which
    may take up more time that you are not making money.
    In all; the products that are now available for the homeowners a $200.00 to $300.00
    dollar total paid for the project today considering wood prices, tools needed, would be
    if the Home owners product’s decisions are made and purchased, have on hand the date I have it scheduled.
    At that time maybe time involved would match up with the costs and 2 to 1 ratio now a
    staple in estimating.

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