Cost To Hang Ceiling Fan In Concrete Wall

Submitted by: Wendy – north port, FL USA

How much would it cost to hang 2 ceiling fans in concrete ceilings with exterior wire channels mounted hang 4 blinds into concrete walls with furring strips if found take off and install new vanity top and new faucet install with new drain pipe assembly replace 6 light switches and plates fix lock on front door replace shower head and put up new shower rod.


  1. That is quite a mouthful! Obviously you have a lot of work to be done. It’s always hard to estimate this type of work without seeing any pictures or being on the site. My guess is that there is probably enough work here to keep a handyman busy for a week. That could mean anywhere from $700 to $2500 in labor charges. In any event, though this quantity of work is often performed by a handyman you should realize that in most areas it is not legal to do this size job without a license. Check your local codes.

What would a fair price be?