Cost estimate for Light Fixture Replacement

Usually the homeowner has chosen the light fixture and wants it to be installed by a handyman.

Anticipate an occasional surprise. Sometimes the new fixture has a smaller profile on the ceiling and will leave an ugly ring requiring extra time for painting. Another common problem is found when the old fixture is removed. No mounting box! Expect the unexpected on light fixture replacements.

Low estimate for labor and materials:

  • Misc. electrical
  • Labor 1 hour

High estimate for labor and materials:

  • Misc. electrical
  • Labor 1.5 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $50

Consensus Price: $110

High Price: $135


54 thoughts on “Cost estimate for Light Fixture Replacement”

    1. Thank you for your feedback. If, I understand you correctly, it should not cost more than 300.00$ to repair a ceiling fixture and replace 4 wall switches, even in Chicago?

  1. What would be a fair price to swap out lighting fixtures in a commercial building..theres 80 lights, new ones are already bought by owner..about 40 drop in fixtures and the rest are 2 lamp 4′ shop lights?

    1. With a job this size you’d better charge it by the hour. How long do you think it will take you to complete the work? In most areas this would not be a legal job for an unlicensed handyman. Because of the size of the job it sounds like only a licensed electrician could legally do the work.

  2. My handyman just recently installed 4 motion sensors at the side of my house for security. His price is 1500.00 labor and materials. This seem high. Is he ripping me off?

      1. Kyle C Montgomery

        How can you say this is a high price when you have no idea what he had to do to install the sensors. What if he had to install new circuits through an attic or crawl space ? What if it was old knob and tube wiring? There is a million factors to come up with this price…you can’t judge a price when you have no idea how it was even come about…

        1. … and what quality are the motion sensors, as well. Those could be Walmart specials or something much more high quality… X 4

      2. Without more information, you cannot say the handyman is ripping this customer off. Who knows if he/she had to run new electrical lines, or go through concrete, or repair/replace old wiring, etc. Not enough info to say if 1500 is fair or not. Please don’t jump to answers like this.

    1. Not necessarily. If he had to run new electric service to each light and without knowing the layout of your home, it could be a fair price. If, he just replaced existing fixtures with motion lights, then it’s pretty high.

    2. 1500 does sound high, but not knowing everything makes it tuff. What did he supply. Difficulty. Did he spend time in the attick? One story or two? Materials alone could be a big part depending on what he supplied. So, 1500. To mount 4 camera’s- yes it could be high, but depending on time spent and materials supplied may be okay.

    3. Thats extremely high. Not really knowing
      The specifics like is he replacing existing lights or running a whole new circuit , i couldn’t give a fair cost.


      yes ma’am, consider a new handyman cause by the looks of it, he’s working to buy a house of his own. In other words he ripping you off

      1. That’s not fair to say at all. You have NO CLUE about all the other variables in this situation. Including materials themselves. Stop spreading false info.

  3. I’m in central NJ. For a Light fixture replacement I typically charge $75. But I always inspect before giving an estimate to see if the existing light is secure. For a no-surprises job it could go as low as $40, or as high as $150 if the box is missing or needs replacing.

  4. I have very high ceilings one of the two bulbs went out over my fireplace in living room. The neighbor needs his done as well. I have a handy friend that’s charging $40 to change the bulbs for him.
    Is that right?

    1. Yes, $40 seems like a fair price to me considering the time that will be spent moving ladders around to accomplish the task. If you wanted to do the job yourself you’d have to purchase a tall ladder ($200?) and store it when it’s not in use. If you need the ladder for other uses, like climbing on the roof or for clearing gutters then you could consider making the purchase. Otherwise, I’d pay the $40.


        I need 7 bulbs changed. $40 dollars per bulb seem like a lot for less than 30 minutes of work. I didn’t make that much as a college professor.

        1. Margaruite R Quick

          Changing a Light Bulb falls within Electrical Maintenance. The cost can be at an hourly rate or Flat Fee rate. However; certain factors are taken into consideration when giving an Estimated Rate of Cost.

          These are just some of the factors a service provider considers when making an Estimate.
          1. Are the bulbs to be changed in Indoor, Outdoor or both?
          2. What’s the Ceilings Height?
          3. Are there Wall mounted Fixtures?
          4.What type of Fixture are they? (Flush Mount to ceiling, High-Hat, Track Lighting, Pendant Hung, Under the Counter Lightning, Cove Lighting or Chanidler)
          5.What type of bulbs? (Incandescent, Flourescent or Led)

          Answering these questions are critical.

  5. I wanted a light fixture replaced in my kitchen another flood light on the outside repaired or replaced and to add a light to my front door and remove a light from the ceiling on the outside. A handyman charged me $180 but used my ladder and a few other tools was that too high?

  6. Brought a translucent ceiling light for a relative. Asking handyman to install. What would be a ball park figure? Being install in dining area.

    1. I would say 110.00 dependind on existing wiring. Ive seen some old fixtures that were not correctly done so to correct old could raise it, but if simple change out 110 sould be fair.

  7. handyman's wife

    How much would you charge to replace 3-4 flood lights, 2 fixtures by the garage, 1 fixture on the front porch outside? Plus, inside: move 1 fixture from the foyer to bathroom and put up a new fixture in the foyer? The person has already purchased the new fixtures, but how much would be fair for labor costs? – Per light or per hour? Thanks.

  8. An electrician quoted me labor cost to replace my existing motion flood lights and existing ceiling fans for $60 per unit. I supply all new lights. Sounds reasonable? Thank You.

  9. How much for the following:
    1. We have recessed lighting and I want to move one to center it over our kitchen island and install a new hanging lighting fixture already bought.
    2. Move a light switch about 5 inches to the left on the same wall
    3. Move a hanging light fixture over a foot to center over table and replace with new hanging fixture already bought.

  10. I need to have a pendant light in my foyer which has high ceilings. I received an estimate, which includes $80.00 for the service call, $160.00 per hour, could take 1-2 hours and there has to be 2 people per OSHA safety. So to install a $65.00 light, this could cost me $400.00? I guess I will keep my dated fixture. I figured that I would have to pay maybe $150.

  11. I have three very awkwardly placed lighting fixtures in my new home. They are so low that you can hit your head on them. I do not want to replace them, I want to remove them. Is that possible? I seriously have no idea why anyone would install a light these places. How much would it cost to have lights removed?

    Thank you,

  12. What would be a fair price to have one fluorescent light fixture replaced with a new one that is exactly the same kind and the same size? This is in my kitchen ceiling.

      1. Replace NOTHING until you KNOW why they are not working!
        Do you have aluminum wiring? if so then you could possibly have a loose connection from heat expansion (this could be a major fire hazard). Have you had any upgrades to the house such as new siding, new sheetrock, or possibly anything mounted to a wall nearby? If so you could have a nail through a wire….when too warm the nail no longer conducts. There are too many possibilities.

        It is VERY HIGHLY unlikely that all 4 fixtures would give you any problem because of heat. If they are all on the same circuit and especially all on the same switch then you have an electrical problem not a fixture problem. It could be as simple as a bad switch!

        Call an electrician for a troubleshoot FIRST. If you want the fixtures changed then have them on site and replaced with the trouble shoot.
        In California expect $175-275 service call minimum. Figure 40 minutes per fixture plus 1 hour troubleshoot at 90 per hour plus one way travel.

        Electricians do not do drywall repair, texture or paint. They will cut in boxes and abandon old ones for you.

  13. Hi,
    I need to change a foyer chandelier, a dining room chandelier, a fan in the living room and 6 flush mounts in the hall way. any estimate? thank you

  14. Replace old,Incandesant floodlight with LED one on front soffit on right side with new outlet box(currently old one didn’t use one),run Romex 12-2 electrical cable through attic to other side and install new LED Floodlight with outlet box on left Soffit corner of house. House is a 1 story,brick home.

    1. You are correct that 14-2 is needed, an LED system will only use about 13 watts! Great savings and great products are now available. If you add a switch to the circuit (if there isn’t one) then you can have them be dusk to dawn, or dusk +5 hours or dusk +3 hours then motion detect. The switch can be used to override and make the system stay on for parties etc on some models.
      You may NOT need a bell box at all depending upon the design and the way wires were run. Soffit or fascia mount can be legal and to code without the bell box if product is rated and wires run properly.
      Estimate 40 minutes per light, 1 hour to add switch, 1 hour for attic work. Total 3.5 or about 350 ish plus materials.
      Good lights are about 80ish each. Wire about .50 per ft, boxes with hardware 8.00. Remember that attic run requires stapling etc there is time involved.

  15. I am having an electrician replace my carport light with a motion sensor light. The carport light burned out years ago and when we tried to replace it with a new light we saw that the wiring was burned out. What’s a ball park figure of how much something like that would cost to replace?

    1. The pull switch broke on a basic white light fixture in a walk-in 7ft ceiling closet. I bought the fixture and need to replace. What is a fair replacement collaborator cost?

      Also bought a simple light fixture to add to existing ceiling fan on front porch. Less than 7ft high. Average cost to install?

      I live in rural area north of Houston, Tx.
      Thank you

  16. I want to replace all CFL bulbs in my house with LED. Also I would like to introduce dimmers. What would a fair price for this project?

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