Ceiling Fan Wiring Problem

Posted by Diane – Medford, NJ (July 19, 2013)

Check on why we can’t get our sun room ceiling fan to work. When it “worked” it was inconsistent and would come on when the bedroom fan was turned on. We thought it was a code problem with the remote. Now we have a string on it and it doesn’t come on. We do not have the necessary a-frame ladder…it is a 20′ ceiling.

2 thoughts on “Ceiling Fan Wiring Problem”

  1. Your best bet is to call an electrician. They’ll charge by the hour and probably for travel time, too. With luck an hour or two of their time will be enough to sort it out.

    Don’t mess around when it comes to electricity. Often this type of symptom is evidence of a larger problem with your wiring. If that is the case be sure to get several bids and use a licensed electrician.

  2. I actually own an electrical company in Kansas City Missouri called Absolute Electric. That particular situation would require 1 hour in order to either fix or make it possible to diagnose and quote the repair. Please visit http://www.absolutespark.com for questions answered by a Master Electrician including those on Solar and Led Lighting

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