Cost to Install a Ceiling Fan

How much would it cost to have a handyman install a ceiling fan?

Ceiling Fan

Client has purchased a ceiling fan and wants to have it installed over their dining room table.  There is an existing light fixture so wiring is already in place.

Low handyman estimate for materials and labor using existing mounting box:

  • Misc electrical – wire nuts, screws.
  • Labor 1.0 hours (including assembly of fan)

High handyman estimate for materials and labor replacing mounting box:

  • Ceiling fan rated mounting box to replace existing.
  • Misc electrical – wire nuts, screws.
  • Labor 2.5 hours (including assembly of fan)

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $75

Consensus Price: $110

High Price: $175

Need Ceiling Fan Wiring Mount Setup

Submitted by: spoiledrider Corona, CA USA (Sunday, September 05, 2010)

In the bedroom of a condo I need to get the wiring setup for a ceiling fan to be installed. You can run off the light switch off the wall. There is no existing wiring so it is a new install. I don`t need the fan installed just the wiring mount.

Low Price: $300

Consensus Price: $300

High Price: $350

Submitted by: sgupta38 Irving, TX USA (Thursday, June 02, 2011)

I need to get a ceiling fan installed in the study room. There is a switch in the room but no box or light at the ceiling.

Low Price: $250

Consensus Price: $250

High Price: $350

Submitted by: Lia Lakeland, FL USA (Thursday, July 28, 2011)

Need handyman to remove existing ceiling fan and install a new ceiling fan. What would the labor cost be?

Low Price: $50

Consensus Price: $75

High Price: $75

Submitted by: cat – Budget: $800-$1000 Hastings on Hudson, NY USA (Saturday, January 28, 2012)

How much would it cost to install four ceiling fans and re-balance an existing fan. Two of the four are replacements so no new wiring needed. Two are new installs so holes need to be cut but no wiring through the walls needed since they’re wireless remote

Low Price: $600

Consensus Price: $800

High Price: $800

Installing wiring for a ceiling fan X3

Submitted by: Caterina – Budget: $85.00 per Westminster, MD USA (Wednesday, August 31, 2011)

I would like to install a ceiling fans in three bedrooms. There are no existing wires or light fixtures on the ceilings.

Moderator Comments: Hard to estimate without knowing location of available power, attic access. Estimating $150 per fan, labor only.

Remove Ceiling Fan and replace it with standard light fixture.

Submitted by: Negronremodeling – Abington, PA (Friday, January 25, 2013)

Ceiling fan needs to be removed, install common style light fixture in location were fan is to be removed, install new switch and replace
14/2 romex from switch to light, approx 12ft of wire.

Moderator Comments: Assuming that you have access to feed the wiring, or can use the existing wiring to pull through the new romex, this would be a simple removal and installation. Depending on the wiring access it seems that this would be a minimum of 2.5 hours to a max of 4 hour job.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Submitted by: David Williams, Vancouver, WA (Sunday, March 17, 2013)

Need 4 ceiling fans installed. 1 in living area, 1 in stairwell, and 1 in each bedroom.
Moderator Comments: You could expect to pay a low of about 1 hour per fan to a high of 2 hours per fan for the installation. The amount of time charged will vary based on the existing electrical supply and the existing mounting box. Ceiling fans should be mounted only in fan rated boxes.

cost to Install 4 Ceiling Fans

Submitted by: MT, Austin, TX (June 6, 2013)

We need handyman/electrician to install 4 ceiling fans. ( 3 in bedrooms and 1 in study ). All four rooms are wired for fan with separate fan switch. Job requires removing of existing light fixture and install fan.

Install ceiling fan in 18ft high ceiling?

Submitted by: Matt D, Roswell, GA (July 19, 2013)

I need a current fan removed and a new ceiling fan installed in the living room. The ceiling is 18 ft high. Please give me an estimate.

Low Price: $125

Consensus Price: $150

High Price: $225

50 thoughts on “Cost to Install a Ceiling Fan”

  1. Last time I did this for a customer it took me about 6 hours to complete the job and it included installing the ceiling fan too. I put a switch on the wall by the door and installed a bracket in the middle of the ceiling.

    The attic didn’t have any lights and was very dusty and dirty. All wirings were done inside the wall and through the attic. Including 30 minutes for driving time and $30 worth of supplies and parts the total came to $350 at $50-hr labor.

    1. You friend have made the most sense of all the people pricing this. It is nice to have somebody post realistic situations and pricing.

  2. Hello I am in Englishtown NJ and would love to help. I would estimate installing a ceiling fan at $60 provided that the wiring and electrical box with proper support is already installed. Hope to hear from you soon and good luck.

      1. I charge $175 for (1) fan with lights and it takes me no longer then an hour and a half. Also the customer supplies the fan. I feel any less and your undercharging.
        It seems like some people don’t like to make money. They wounder why there company’s are no longer in business.

      2. I believe in Not going cheap, but not overcharging as well around 100 for 1 fan is fair. Not running wire, just replacement of existing fixture.

  3. For simple installs where switches and a light box exist $50 is normal to assemble and install a ceiling fan.

    In this case assuming free access to the attic above the room and the ability to tie into the existing switch for power I would estimate $175 for labor and materials. This includes installing switch running wires new box and fan assembly and install.

    1. It costs over $200 to install a fan and any experienced contractor knows this. It takes over 1 hour just to take it out of the box and assemble.

      1. $50 is too low considering the amount of time that can be spent in assembly, not to mention ensuring that the electrical box is fan rated.

        1. Need 2 possibly 3 ceiling fans installed wiring harness or Rome already in place in 2 rooms other has to run in attic I believe no Rome or light fixture in room in Riverside.Ca approximate cost I have the ceiling fans in my possession.

  4. I agree it takes one hour to assemble a regular fan, its fundamentally easy but there are several parts and it is tedious. Plus you have to be very careful as you carry the fan to the mounting location and walk it up a ladder. The electrical connection is easy, but requires a careful and steady process as you are balancing on the ladder. If a light box exists that can hold a fan, and the wiring already exists, a handyman will charge $75-100 (labor only) and can take 2-3 hours per fan. Homewoners, you should remember that the person doing the installation is also having to drive to a hardware store, and/or obtain any special items such as taller ladders, lifts, etc. An electrician has to cover his various costs and it’s not worth him doing a fan install for any less than $140 – 200. An electrician is legally required (in most areas) for any other work, such as running new wires, so more complex hangs can easily start at $250 for labor alone.

    1. I fully agree with Honey dude, even a handyman will charge for driving to do a small home job, many have a minimum they charge like $75.00 depending on where you are from. Even with low overhead I am not going to drive to someone’s home, put together a ceiling fan (about an hour) get into their attic and dig through a foot of insulation to check the existing support (to make sure it will support the weight of the fan) wire and install the fan, clean up and place insulation back for $50.00.

      Granted its not difficult to replace an existing fan but I would have to say that $75.00 would have to be a minimum for replacing an existing fan with a good support. If there was no switch, wiring had to be done to gain power etc it would end up being a job to be paid by the hour with materials extra. (depending if you were even allowed to do the job which would be dependent on the laws in your area.

  5. To start off with this work should only be done by a licensed, qualified Electrician like myself. No offense to the Handy man, but I saw some pretty shabby installs in my times and they where down right awful. The box has to be fan rated and able to support the weight of fan or fixture in which is being installed. To take down and build supplied fan and rehang would go for $150. New install(fan box, wiring ,assembling, and mounting new fan)anywhere from $250-$375 depending on location, accessibility, and height of ceiling. Located in Clark, NJ….

    1. Okay, ive got to add to woodsy. Dont put all handymen together. Some do better work than some “electricians” It boils down to who cares to do the job right. Check out the person you choose. Also the prices sound fair but really? You dont have to have an electrician do a simple fan install.

    2. The Engineer Handyman

      That’s funny! Hold on, I got a better one! Before I retired from my career as an Engineer, we used to say say the brightest, most qualified licensed electricians were guys who flunked out of Engineering school. Before the end of the first semester.

  6. Good fans are usually more expensive as they are designed nor only to look good but also to be effective fans to move air.

  7. Replacing old ceiling fan .
    Electrical box and wiring all in place. New fan with small lights is a Waldon Hunter ,52″
    model 53160,Item # 140455,all pre wired ,5 minute fan install ,no remote , switch works-
    Purchased At Lowes for $146

    I paid $ 55. more because of being pre wired.
    I think $ 50. would be fair.
    Open space no furniture to work over. I live in Nr. end of Oceanside,Ca.

  8. Lucy, Carroll County, MD 21784

    How much would it cost to install a 2016 remote control/receiver (Hunter model 99119) in a four year old (2012) Hunter fan (model 21315)? Because fan speed control chain broke off in high speed position & a replacement switch housing assembly is no longer availabled for this discontinued fan. Thanks in advance.

  9. Today I took down 3 existing fans and replaced them with new ones. Boxes were fine to support the weight of the fans and existing wiring was fine. As I read these posts I realized that might have severely underestimated my time. I don’t regularly install fans and forgotten how long they actually take to install. The job took me 4 hours total.

    So going into the future, I think Honey Dude has it right. For simple replacements of existing fans, assuming wiring boxes are sufficient to support the weight of the fan, wiring is fine, switch on the wall fine, if everything is fine and all you are doing is swapping out an old fan with lights for a new one, I believe that $75 to $100 for labor per fan is more than fair for the cost of assembly and installation of fan, depending where you are at in the country. This price of course applies to handyman people and DOES NOT apply to contractors.

    Contractors have a higher overhead and using the same example of simple replacement with no box or wiring issues, a reasonable pricing should be between $150 to $200 per fan.

    1. I installed 4 fans for a friend. 3 were replacements of existing fans, 1 was replacing a light fixture. All were on 8 foot ceilings and had existing non-fan rated shallow electrical boxes. The Hunter fan hanging hardware is designed to allow screws to be driven into the ceiling joist outside the edge of the existing box. I used 4X galvanized #8 2-1/2″ screws on each hanger (rather than the 2 non-galvanized screws provided by Hunter) and tested all hangers by suspending my weight (170 lbs.) from them and observing if there was any significant deflection. I comfortable with that method of testing whether they will hold the fans up. It took me a total of about 5 hours. I showed the friend how to assemble the blades, which saved me an hour or more. I hauled the old stuff to the dump (it was kind of on my way home) I charged $50 per fan in this instance, but my regular rate for a normal customer would be $100 per fan.

  10. For a single, best case, basic swap out install, with ceilings over 10 feet I charge $140.00.
    If two, same situation, $125.00
    Three $110.00
    Four or more, $100.00 each.
    All being best case, basic swap outs with ceilings over 10 ft.

    1. I have a fan, that I want installed, on the patio, where it now, has just a light. Could you let me know, a price? Thank You,

  11. Alonzo Saucedo

    How much would it be to install four ceiling fans one in each bedroom there’s no existing ceiling fan it’s going to be new mount and a wiring

  12. The Engineer Handyman

    I have recently retired and started a small business on the side. I have 3 light to fan swaps, wiring in, new construction, 8′ ceilings in Wilmington, NC. I am charging $75 each swap, because it is nice clean construction, and I am trying to build my business. What I am having trouble estimating is another job with 16′ vaulted ceilings, fan and fixture swap, 20 year old house, wiring in, don’t know the quality of box or initial install. I was considering $150 because of the height and having to rent a ladder. I think I could get more, but there is additional remodeling work to be done with a promise for more. I don’t want to underbid myself, but I don’t want to lose the job. Should I go$175 -200?

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