Add Recessed Lights in Every Room

Posted by Rob: Niwot, CO (July 29, 2013)

Approximate budget: $1000

My new house has a single recessed light in almost every room. This does not provide enough lighting (and I have no idea what the original owners were thinking). I’d like to add 3-4 more lights on the same switch in 5 rooms. 4 of the 5 rooms are bedrooms on the second floor and have attic access. The 5th room is the family room on the first floor (with a bedroom directly above). What can I expect to pay for this? Thanks.

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  1. Any carpenter can install lights and run lead lines to lights, and depending on knowledge, locale, and your confidence in your contractor, it is very easy to wire in the lights in an existing working light circuit, as long as the circuits can handle the load. After installation you could hire an electrician to wire in lights if your carpenter is capable or the locale does not allow. Labor installation of lights not including material on a 8ft ceiling should be in neighborhood of $70 to $112 per light depending ceiling height, texture, attic and ease of installation, then an electrician could hard wire relatively cheap, $100 to $150 a circuit I would think. I am doing this for a customer in county, installation and hardwire for $75 a light, but I am doing alot of work there, so price is lower due to overall scope and I am a new business trying to attract new and more customers. Give me a call for any and all repair needs, Adam Massey– Massey General Repair 256-585-7504, Thanks!

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