Tree Trimming Cost Estimate

What will the labor cost be trim my trees?

Submitted by: gregbyle lebanon, PA USA (Monday, December 03, 2012)

I have 2- 40′ trees to be topped and trimmed. Front yard location near low-traffic street and near electrical wires. Required to climb.

Moderator Comments: Sorry to state the obvious but get several estimates, obtain permits and check to be certain that the company you choose carries the necessary insurance. Tree trimming, particularly in your situation is extremely high risk, so cover your self as a homeowner.

Low Price for labor: $500

Consensus Price for labor: $1000

High Price for labor: $1000

Going rate for Tree removal

Submitted by: sandomx San Jose, CA USA (Monday, November 08, 2010)

What is the going hourly rate for tree removal?

Low Price for labor: $50

Consensus Price for labor: $75

High Price for labor: $125

5 thoughts on “Tree Trimming Cost Estimate”

  1. need to price a tree trim job 2 40′ american elms they sit in a tight backyard but have been kept well and trimmed every other year. so only one large limb on each tree. the rest is small branch work. also removing a small 12′ tree 4’trunk 6 branches

  2. Great info on here. Thanks anyway! Tree trimming, cutting and pruning in my area near Quincy ma will cost more than those mentioned above especially, emergency tree removal will cost much more than standard tree removal. And yes, difficult projects involving multiple trees will cost more than an average for care services, it covers all things including necessary insurance

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