Cost Estimate to Clear Leaves From Gutters

How much should I pay to have leaves cleared from my gutters?

Why worry about leaves in gutters? You know that your gutters need to be cleared when you see water running over the gutter during a rain fall. The problem with clogged gutters is that the water running over the gutter often comes in contact with the edge of your roof and with the wooden surfaces in the eaves. When left unchecked clogged gutters will lead to dry rot in the eaves.

This is a common handyman task. It doesn’t require much skill but you hope that care is taken to clear the gutters thoroughly, clean the downspouts and dispose of the debris when the job is done.

If you have a lot of trees near the house, consider installing gutter guard.

Low estimate for labor:

  • Labor 1.5 hours to clear 120' of gutter (1,600 sq. ft. home)

High estimate for labor:

  • Labor 2.5 hours to clear 200' of gutter (2,200 sq. ft. home)



  1. For 120 ft. gutters cleaned. Materials $0 Labor $60. Disposal of clean out materials by home owner $0. By cleaning crew $50 plus labor cost.

    Cleaning 200 ft. of gutters – Materials $0, Labor $90. Disposal cost – By owner $0. By cleaning crew $50 plus labor cost.

  2. $200 or less.. it will take 2hrs at the VeRy most..and you might need a hand with the hose to go around the house..OR bring a couple hundred feet of your own..

What would a fair price be?