Build New Roof for Redwood Water Storage Tank

The tank itself was 10 feet tall, 14 feet in diameter and full of water within 2 inches of the top.

10 Foot Redwood Tank
Roof in terrible condition

This roof was in terrible shape. The redwood tongue and groove sheeting was rotten in many places, the nails had let go and many boards were missing.

This makes for an interesting place to work. You wouldn’t want to fall in the water. And of course, any tools that are dropped would be gone forever!

Water Storage Tank
Joists Full Water Storage Tank
Finished Roof

After removing the old sheeting and joists, the new joists went in. One at a time I crawled out to secure the next joist.

Finally, the new T & G cedar was installed and an access hole cut and covered. Lastly, vents were added around the perimeter between the top of the tank and the bottom of the roof.
Actual cost for materials and labor:

  • Redwood 2x6x16
  • Cedar 1×6 T & G
  • Galvanized brackets
  • Screws, nails galvanized vents
  • Labor 14 hours

Actual Cost $2000

2 thoughts on “Build New Roof for Redwood Water Storage Tank”

  1. I am interested in replacing the top of a redwood water tank. It is about 8’4″ in diameter. San Mateo County California

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