Build a Brick Flower Bed

Submitted by: dock charlottesville, VA USA (Monday, September 06, 2010)

To build a brick flower bed 76 inches long by 20 inches deep x 30 inches high, what will that cost?

Low Price: $700

Consensus Price: $800

High Price: $800

3 thoughts on “Build a Brick Flower Bed”

  1. What should I charge to install a 42′ round garden bed using stack able garden stones 2 high? Also a 80′ property divider, same stones. All material will be pre-bought. I’m looking for just labor.

  2. What should I charge for brick flower bed? It’s about 70ft long curvy and 2 courses high with a rowlock on top. Gonna have to pour additional concrete as we don’t want to lay on the current walkway. So in essence I will be taking up some of the flower bed space.

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