What would the cost be to install new caulk around a shower?

Submitted by: holly Acme, MI USA (Saturday, August 28, 2010)

Caulking around a shower involves the removal of the old caulk. This is followed by a thorough cleanup to prepare the surface to accept the new caulk. The cost of materials is minimal. The preparation time required depends on the condition and type of the existing caulk.

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $100

Consensus Price: $175

High Price: $280



  1. During the last month I did this for 2 customers. The first job took about 4 hours to complete. At $40-hr labor 30 minutes for driving time and $15 for supplies the total came to $195.

    The second shower room was bigger and it took 6 hours to complete. At $40-hr labor 30 minutes for driving time and $20 for supplies the total came to $280.

  2. Not a hard project so I would charge $30.00 an hour with an additional $40.00 charge for drive time material and picking up supplies. It is hard to estimate a time but I would say 3 to 4 hours.

    • So that would include removing the silicone caulk completely and re-doing the walls and the floor and everything with new silicone caulk. Not just regular latex tub and tile caulk we’re talking about silicone caulk here.

  3. Labor – Install / Bathroom / Silicone Caulking /

    The National average for a Bathroom (tub/shower) caulking job is $1.75 per Linear foot or between $200 & 300 depending on the job size.

    Labor to install of any type of Caulking with Prep time up to 1 hr per 50 Ft – cut out, scrape and remove old existing caulking. Seal and seam gaps between the structure (tub/shower) and tiles / floor and walls.
    A professional Contractors will assess each job and price according to the size and difficulty.
    Caulking is “Not” always so straight forward as some might lead you to believe, there are many types of Caulking, not only silicone, Acrylic, but rather including sanded, non sanded and Custom colors ect.

    As well the surfaces can very changing the costs / Window & Door/ Baseboards, Roofing to name a few.
    Typically a Contractors include the material and supplies in their price at $1 to $3 per linear foot.
    Includes planning, setup, equipment and area preparation and protection.

What would a fair price be?