Repair Collapsed Tile Wall and Shower Stall

Shower stall and tile work

So, job quickly went from replacing 32’x35′ wet drywall with tile to replacing half the wall on outside of toilet, half mentioned tiled; to doing whole inside shower wall.

1. Tore down old thin concrete and wet drywall. All wood water damaged, removed, frame rebuilt.
Installed concrete board, begin tiling whole wall. (About 30’x80′).

2. Will grout and regrout whole shower.

Also, raising entry to shower from floor a couple inches. Install shower curtain rail with anchors.

Please point out to me the labor pay as well as general square footage value.

5 thoughts on “Repair Collapsed Tile Wall and Shower Stall”

  1. Big job. I suggest that you charge based on the number of days it took to complete. Use your daily rate.

    Moderator: This isn’t the type of work that an unlicensed handyman can legally perform.

  2. The tile work isn’t your biggest concern. There is potentially serious moisture problem in the floor and wall that created the initial problem. A good handyman could replace the tile but, if he is really good, he will recommend a licensed plumber to inspect the condition of the plumbing, shower pan, and shower walls. I’m sure there is more damage, moisture, and mold behind the other walls. From the picture, the shower pan has been compromised. There are several other issues and problems I see but to make a long story short, the entire shower should be replaced. This job will be $1000’s.

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