Install a garbage disposal, outlet and switch


I need a garbage disposal under my kitchen sink. There has never been one there before, so it will need a outlet, switch, maybe some rearranging of the pipes under the sink and of course the garbage disposal.

2 thoughts on “Install a garbage disposal, outlet and switch”

  1. Including the wall switch and labor for the rough-in you should expect to pay anywhere from $300 – $500 depending on the quality of the disposer that you choose. Access limitations to the electrical source can add considerable variation to this price!

  2. Looks like the picture shows a double sink and a better picture would be great. Is there a box with a switch for something else by the sink already? if the disposal unit can be mounted on the left side that is easier. The big thing is the power source and another question, is this the first floor with a basement underneath? That would help for access to power. It is doable but more information is needed to accurately say pricewise


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