Dry Rot in Sub-Floor Around Toilet

Pest Repairs toilet

Repair dry rot in the floor around toilet.

Because of leaky toilet seals, pest inspectors often find dry rot in the subflooring beneath the toilet area. Cost to repair this type of damage will vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage and the type of flooring.

In this case, the damage was limited to the corner of the floor between the water closet and the tub. The picture above shows the work in process with damaged subfloor removed. Once the floor joists were inspected and found to be in sound condition new subflooring was installed.

Pest Repair toilet area

The original vinyl flooring was then glued back down and the toilet re-installed.

Low estimate for materials and labor:

  • Subflooring
  • Misc. nails, screws, caulking, glue
  • Wax ring for toilet
  • Labor 4 hours

High estimate for materials and labor not including cost of flooring:

  • Subflooring
  • Misc. nails, screws, caulking, glue
  • Wax ring for toilet
  • Labor 6 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $375

Consensus Price: $400

High Price: $425

trailer house floor rot mobile home

Submitted by: okiedave55 dewey, OK USA (Tuesday, October 11, 2011)

I have a mobile home repair job bath room bedroom and kitchen area all have soft spots in the floor with linolium and carpet. Spots are small so Ill have to replace each one separately. What would be the estimated time and cost?

Moderator: You won’t know what the condition of the sub-flooring and floor joists will be until your nose is in the floor.

Cost estimate: $1200

mobile home kitchen floor rotted out

Submitted by: wheresitallat Fountain Valley, CA USA (Wednesday, July 25, 2012)

How much should I charge to replace plywood floor and vinyl fiooring in a 9’x 8′ kitchen in a mobile home where fridge and dishwasher and oven need to be removed to do repair?

Moderator Comments: When in doubt, charge by the hour. This type of job is always hard to estimate since more damage may be revealed as you dig further into the floor.

bathroom sub floor

Submitted by: Steve Y. Beaverton, OR USA (August 17, 2013)

I am planning on selling my house. Single story with an average crawl space. A home inspector found dry rot under the floor in the bathroom area. It needs to be repaired. The bathroom flooring is tile so I don’t think it will be to easy. The toilet needs to be removed and he said the rot goes under the tub. Help!! How much should I budget to have the tile flooring removed and the sub floor replaced/repaired. I don’t have a picture to send you.

Moderator Comments:This is one of those situations that every homeowner dreads. The problem is that you can’t really estimate the cost until you see the actual damage, and you can’t get a good look at the damage until you tear up the flooring.

Anytime you’re dealing with dry rot the repair involves exposing the affected area, removing the damaged members and the replacement with new materials. More difficult than new construction, the contractor is often working in tight places with limited access in an attempt to minimize the impact on the good surrounding environment. The cost can be high. Because the dry rot extends under the tub this is probably a good time to consider a full remodel on the bathroom.

As always, get several quotes and make sure that the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured.

12 thoughts on “Dry Rot in Sub-Floor Around Toilet”

  1. HandymanMike99

    Depends on whose buying the new tiles. Demolition of the old floor maybe quick but reveal additional issues. I would look to charge a minimum of $300 without materials. If it’s basic it should be a short days work.

  2. Sub floor around toilet seat rotted. I removed toilet, removed tiles around toilet to see how bad it is. Looks like it is about 3×3 area rotted. Floor beyond that area look fine. How much will it cost to replace the 3×3 damaged subfloor, replace tile, reseat toilet?
    And should I call a bathroom remodeling co?

  3. The area around the toilet is rotten. I would guess about 4’x4′. My husband had planned on doing it but he got sick at the beginning of the year and died in April, 2015. He was always my handyman. I need an estimate. It needs to be fixed. Hope to hear from you.

    I have another area in my bedroom to look at. It feels soft in spots. Also the faucet in the kitchen.

  4. I have a bathroom in an older model duplex that has an extremely weaken area around the bathtub and the toilet. The bathroom size is roughly about 9×8. The area that is technically damaged is about 4×4. When sitting in the bathtub I feel dizzy as if the floor is about to give way. So I know some joists are damaged and need replacing as well. My husband is doing the repairs himself and we have no idea on what to charge our landlord for the time and work. She will supply the materials.

  5. I have an area of dry rot around my toilet about a 3×3 area. I am located in Summerville, SC and am looking for a handyman to give me an estimate. How do I find handymen? I need this bathroom fixed. I just want the subfloor fixed and the toilet replaced. I will be getting new flooring but will install that myself.

  6. What is the cost of removing and replacing an exterior outside of barn wall sliding barn door with a newly fabricated 5/4″ x 6″ boards and including new sliding barn door hardware? Not including the sealant (exterior latex paint).
    This would also have a 26″ door inset so that one could pass through without sliding the door to open.
    The size is 12 foot x 6 foot x 2 doors total..

  7. What is a fair price for the cost of labor only? To Repair/Rebuild – Manufacture home Freestanding wood porch with Aluminum hand railing. Porch walking platform has dry rot and steps have termites.
    Size 23.5 x 6 Feet / 141 SF 4 steps / stairs. Our handyman offered to do the job at a lower price of a contractor. I shopped and paid for all supplies and materials.

    Remove and replace the following:
    5 sheets of 1 1/8 x 4 x 6 tongue and groove plywood
    4 step stairs 3.5 feet / 21 SF
    3 – Stringers plywood
    4 – Tread 6 ft x 11-inch plywood
    3 – risers 6-inch plywood
    1 – risers at 4-inch plywood

  8. Margherita Romano

    I have a leak in my upstairstoilet, the wood under the toilet has rotted and there is a water stain starting to mold coming through the kitchen ceiling. I am in Dayton, OH.

  9. Vicky Hourihan

    The subfloor in condo bathroom has creaking in multiple spots and strong oder of urine. I’m just estimating prices for products and what need from searching internet. I want to understand as much as can so when asking for quotes I give as much detail of what I want and expect so don’t get riped off just cause I’m a woman. Cause if I lock in on someone and their good – I’ll have more work to be done in the future.
    Room size: Approx. 5’2″W x 7’9″L
    Want to replace subfloor with Advantech (will need to purchase 2 sheets 4’Wx8’L each – approx. $40 sheet)
    Waxless universal toilet ring (Approx. $12)
    Vinyl/Silicone caulk – 2 tubes
    Solvent/Polyurethane Adhesive
    2″ Deck screws
    Sheet Vinyl 6’Wx12’L (Approx. $95)
    Threshold bar
    Baseboards (2 – 8′ boards)
    Contractor bags
    Once subfloor pulled then can see what damage/mold area is (hoping less than 4’Wx2’6″L) and clean up with EPA mold remover product.
    Possibly going to replace vanity/faucet (Approx $60 faucet & $230 vanity) Need to talk to contractor cause vanity currently sits in a cut out a couple inches below floor level. Cause of cut out in floor do vanity at same time as floor. Medicine cabinet and lights do later. I am going to assume 1 guy to do this – I’m going to request I take care of some demo, trash removal & clean upI guess that’s it. Let me know fair price and then I’ll get 3 quotes. Thank you.

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