Cost to install wall tile for a shower

Submitted by: thomp153 Corona, CA – Friday, July 20, 2012

I need to know how much it would cost to have a shower tiled. It is a small corner shower. The pan is 32×32 and it is a corner shower so only 2 walls will need to be tiled. However the walls need to be prepped for tile i.e. new dry wall or cement board.

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $500

Consensus Price: $880

High Price: $880


8 thoughts on “Cost to install wall tile for a shower”

  1. Approximately 48 square feet of tile at $8 per square foot installation (approx $400) plus $10 per square foot materials ($480) for a total of $880. Exceeds the legal cost for an unlicensed handyman in CA.

    1. I am so scared to exceed the legal cost of $500.00
      for a handyman that I’m xxxxing in my pants.
      What stupid people!

  2. How much would it cost to just install the tile. Backer board and everything else has already been done. Just apply cement, place tile, cut and grout..
    Shower walls no tub..

    1. For just a basic install I usually charge $4-$5 a square foot and of they want a diamond pattern or deceptive I’ll charge am where depending how big I’ll charge anywhere from $5+ $10

  3. I am trying to get a business started and not sure what to charge to tear out a old fiberglass tub and shower and install a shower pan (move drain about one and a half feet), install backer board, install tile. Not sure about faucet yet

    1. Start by taking a guess in broad strokes about how many days you think it will take you to complete the task. 1 day? 2 days? 1/2 a day? Then figure the charge based on your daily rate. Or, when in doubt, charge by the hour.

    2. I agree with srbob below reply. But my clients want a fixed price and never accept hourly or daily rates. Unfortunately I usually underestimate time necessary for jobs but my main desire is to never change quote, honesty is the best policy . I do not give estimates but just firm price and if I make an error charging too little due there were complications then I just learn and smile. One thing to remember when tiling a shower or even backsplash is to include separate trips to client to grout after thin set cures and then days latter another trip to apply tile/grout sealer and if necessary caulking. Thus expect 2-3 additional house calls after last tile is installed.

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