Cost to install a tile backsplash

Submitted by: mooretony Columbus, OH USA (Thursday, March 17, 2011)

Install a Tile back splash. How much would it cost per square foot?

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $15

Consensus Price including Tile: $35

High Price: $35

For demolition of glazed tile on a small job the cost could be estimated at $3.25 per square foot. Installation of the backer board to be calculated on a time + materials basis figuring 1-2 hours to prepare the surface to receive tile.

11 thoughts on “Cost to install a tile backsplash”

  1. Many factors affect labor costs here. Tile size patterns and material type are adders for sure. Normal pricing for tile work is $5-sq-ft for basic work. Usually a back splash has to deal with lots of outlets which adds to the job as well.

    Sq-footage may not reflect well the time required so I`d likely quote based on my hourly rate of $60-hr. and say 3 hrs as a norm to tile and grout an average kitchen back splash.

    1. This would depend on the particular situation so pictures would be helpful. When in doubt the handyman will estimate this by the day. For instance 1/2 day for demo and prep, 1/2 day for installation.

  2. Tile backsplash 20.00 ft, extra for inserts or designs. Stone or marble 30.00 ft, extra for inserts or designs. These prices does not include materials. Rip-out & removal of debris I just charge a flat rate of $100.00. You get what you pay for…… If you want a master installer with 20 year or more experience to do your job? Pay him! They are worth every penny! No headaches! No problems! No mess!

  3. New kitchen with granite installed, walls have been prepped for backsplash. area is 2ft x14. how much to install ceramic backsplash?

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