Cost to install a kitchen range hood

Submitted by: herr6328 Silver Spring, MD USA (Wednesday, November 21, 2012)

I need to install a range hood that vents to the outside. Presently my kitchen does not have the hole to the outside how much would it cost me to make the hole and install a range hood.

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price for labor only: $150

Consensus Price for labor only: $225

High Price for labor only: $250

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  1. Cherrylann StJohn

    I have a microwave oven above my stove . I want an outside vent installed because when I cook something that steams, the steam goes up through the microwave vents and straight up onto my new cabinets and I don’t want them to warp.

    1. Hi, I am also having the same issue. Did you find any solution? Please share with me who did and how much it costed ?

  2. Like any project, the charge for installing a range hood depends on your specific situation. We just t replaced our over-the-stove microwave with an under cabinet Ventahood. But connecting the range hood to an outside wall took some doing in our case.

    After removing the microwave and its mounting brackets (a quick process), the installation consisted of cutting out a hole in the bottom of the cabinet for the exhaust and cutting a hole in the top of the cabinet to continue the ducting, which made an immediate 90 degree turn and ran 5 feet to a wall.

    Then two carpenters had to carefully cut a 6-inch hole in that wall (precisely entering the back of a storage cabinet in our pantry) and make another immediate 90 degree turn into the exterior wall. They had to carefully cut through the side of the cabinet and finesses the 6″ duct alongside a wall stud, and cut through the exterior wall and mount a wall cap for the exhaust.

    They also glued a stainless backsplash below the hood, but that went fairly quickly.

    Our carpenter and an assistant worked about 7 hours on the job. They charged $770, which included approx $100 in materials ( 5 or 6 feet of 6″ duct, plus two elbows and some metal tape and adhesive).

    I wasn’t completely convinced that it was a two-man job, but what could I say? Maybe one guy could have done the job for $500 or so. They did do quality work at least.

    1. It always amazes me when customers will analyze the charges that a good reliable contractor will charge. As contractors we get up in the morning and get in our truck and drive to the job site and meet with the client which is time and gas money. Once we come to an agreed-upon price and make another trip there unpack our tools perform the service in a proficient manner and pay ourselves our helper and all the costs of doing business like insurance, marketing, wear and tear on our tools and vehicles not to mention occasional call backs for minor mistakes that happen from time to time, we are still questioned about the cost being too high. Try that with the local repair shop when you bring your car in. Try that with your doctor. How would you like your salary or hourly wage scrutinized on a daily basis by your boss? Walk in someone else’s shoes before you question the cost of doing business. You don’t have a clue.

      1. This comment is amazing. For your sake, I really hope you don’t talk this way to your clients. Literally everyone in the service industry goes through this kind of analysis by their customers. Lawyers, accountants, and absolutely auto repair shops (are you kidding with this one?). It’s part of the business. If you want a set salary or wage that doesn’t get analyzed by anyone, being in the service industry is probably not the right choice for you.

      2. You are just telling the truth Bob and people don’t want to hear that. I was a carpenter for 40 years and five years ago my company charged 100 dollars an hour for me, that covered my 1,200 dollar a month insurance, workers comp, tools, truck and a retirement. How many handy men have saved for retirement and have a minimum of one million dollars in the bank? Remember charging 100 dollars to install a microwave will never let you retire. Homeowner’s want you to work for free. If you are injured on the job like I was you will have to retire early and they only want you to take 40,000 out a year or you will run out of savings before you pass a way. Make sure to charge enough to pay all expenses for now and later

        1. Aaaaand then there are the contractors thinking they can charge whatever they want… you’ll just lose business to the underpaid skilled immigrant workers who will come in and underbid you. And before you go ranting about them doing sub par work, I’ve have high priced licensed contractors mess up jobs and do shoddy work too.
          Bottom line is everyone is subject to scrutiny for the quality of their work.. yes doctors should be too! Complaining about all the work you have to do with bring in your tools etc is just dumb, sorry but it’s your job. If you want to bill people for you having to carry in your own tools than you will have people scrutinizing your cost.
          Also, I go to work everyday too, paying for gas and putting wear on my car just like you.

          1. Jr Home Service

            Yes I’m agree with must of you guys ,I’m a contractor for 20 years now and never been mentioned about my tools or gas or tire or oil is part of my daily basic, also some contractor charge you for toll them used I probably old school , yes we have to put a price in our work but not rip off people, but some time people no understand that our work is valuable as their, my key is try to give you the best price posible no just for the work you will hire me but for the future, if you happy I know you will call again , to me that’s a winner situation
            Maybe and wrong but been working for me for the last 20 years , good referral , good work keep me busy year long

          2. The price is based mostly on demand in this case. Why would we spend time on a little project at your place when trades people are in demand? Very few people enjoy doing what we do and even fewer show up every day to do it. Frankly the price is not really up to scrutiny unless you have multiple people willing to do the work within your timeline. As a contractor you can set your prices according to how busy you are, as time is a commodity. It does not generally work the same way as conventional employment and you are completely self-reliant. If you set the price too high then nobody will hire you, set it too low and you end up working with low quality materials and burn yourself out trying to satisfy everyone.

      3. Hi Bob, I’m with you. I have to help my husband quite a bit and I don’t like it. But if I don’t he can hurt himself and then where would we be. The cost of doing business is just that, the cost of doing business. If a fair price is given, pay it or deal with the consequences. So many people try to get something for nothing, then complain it’s not what they paid for. I heard some stories, let me tell you!

  3. I have a microwave oven above my stove . I want an outside vent installed because when I cook something that steams, the steam and smell comes out into the house up through the microwave vents.

    I need your consultation what type of hood and to have you installed it.

  4. I have Microwave installed with exhaust. It circulates air inside home.

    I want to install a duct to ventilate kitchen air outside home.

    Let me know how much it would cost.

  5. I have a slightly different issue: I have a small range hood vented to the outside wall – with 6″ ductwork. I need a much bigger range hood for the kitchen I hope to have – and it will need 10″ ductwork. I assume the current ductwork goes up and takes a 90 degree turn into/between the floor joists to the exterior wall about 15′ away.
    Can the 6″ ducts be removed and replaced with 10″ ducts (same location) or am I doomed to a small range hood unless I want (and I don’t) to open up the kitchen ceiling to run the 10″ ducts between two other joists? We paid a lot for smooth ceilings so I hate to see them damaged.
    I have no issue with having to replace the vent cap outside or the cost – I just want to know if it’s possible. If it’s not, I guess I go back to the drawing board or live with my minute cuisine!

  6. Have gas into kitchen. Have had gas range on way with over range micro oven. What are average venting costs,

  7. Ravindra Nandal

    I want to get kitchen vent installed, I bought the vent hood and hole also already there. I just need help to install vent.


  8. Want to put in hood or circular fan to vent kitchen heat, Steam, grease, smells outside….no existing hole…how much to install a hole to replace unvented range hood that exists there now? Thanks

  9. Want 30″ kitchen range hood installed. Vent duct is present and electrical feed is installed. Hood box claims it’s a one man job.

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