Cost to install a bathroom ventilator fan.

Submitted by: Amy Eastlake, OH USA (Friday, July 27, 2012)

What would be the cost to repair bathroom ceiling fan? The fan in the bathroom will not run. Want to repair or replace the fan to keep the air circulating in bathroom as needed.

Low Price: $100

Consensus Price for labor: $150

High Price: $150

Submitted by: Rocco46 – Budget: $50 to $75 Yorktown, VA USA (Tuesday, February 01, 2011)

I have an old bathroom basic ceiling exhaust fan that needs to be removed and replaced with a new one that I have.

Low Price: $100

Consensus Price for labor: $125

High Price: $125

Bathroom Fan in Older Home with Plaster and Slats in the Ceiling

Submitted by: hoosierlandhandyman Indianapolis, IN USA (Saturday, July 10, 2010)

I have an older home with slats and plaster where the fan must go. How much to install this fan and exhaust it to the soffit.

Low Price: $275

Consensus Price for labor: $275

High Price: $350

5 thoughts on “Cost to install a bathroom ventilator fan.”

  1. Hello I actually have to replace a bathroom fan in my own home. I am a handyman – electrician so I will be doing it myself. I am in NJ otherwise I would be glad to help you out.If the exhaust fan that is there now is either a nutone or braun.

    and is the basic square shaped exhaust fan than it will be easy to replace so long as you buy the same basic model. Otherwise you will need to open up the ceiling even more to make room and you would have to relocate the exhaust duct pipe.

  2. HandymanMike99

    If the fan is not working try inspect to see if it is because of accumulation of dust-dirt. If so vacuum out. Otherwise replace. Not terribly expensive item. Cost for labor $100-$150 barring no complications should take no more than a couple of hours.

  3. My husband and I are trying to buy a home. Currently, the exhaust fans in the bathrooms run into the attic. I have heard that moisture buildup in the attic can eventually lead to mold. How much would it cost us to get the exhaust fans from the bathrooms vented out onto our roof instead of into the attic?

  4. Bathroom exhaust fans can be as in expensive as $20 and up to $100 with integrated lighting. I would charge approximately $100 to replace a fan of the same size.

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