Cost to Resurface a Bathtub

Posted by Sam K., Santa Barbara, CA (July 23, 2013)

How much should be the cost to strip and resurface a bathtub. I know its not a one day job based on the instructions and actual time spent isn’t that much but no one wants to do it.

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  1. This is pretty specialized work requiring skill with bondo or another type of polyester putty to fill the cracks. The surface is often acid etched before applying the primer and the top coat. Unfortunately the final finish will not be a handsome or durable as a new tub. You must have a reason for wanting to refinish instead of replace.

    A handyman should earn top dollar for this type of work, possibly 2-3 times their usual hourly rate. However, the job should not cost more than the cost of a new installation.

    1. What would the cost of a new installation? Considering there would usually be the cost of redoing the tile or what ever material the walls are unless of coarse its a stand alone tub. Then theres the plumbing and fixture costs and of coarse the cost of the new tub.

      1. Removing and resetting a tub is certainly an involved process. The demolition could easily run $200, with the resetting running another $400-500. This doesn’t include the cost of the tub. When you start considering the plumbing costs and finish work for the surround the total labor cost can easily reach $1,500. The total job cost is greatly dependent on the quality of the materials and the cost of the tub.

        Hope this is of some help.

        Note: In most areas an unlicensed handyman cannot legally perform a job of this scope. Homeowners need to hire a licensed contractor to do the work.

    2. Brian schonexk

      I charge 300-400 depending on surface prep needed, and surround size etc..just a basic tub is 300 with a 5 YR warranty!!

      1. I have the paint kit I purchased from Home Depot which is a brush on. The tub is in very good shape but I don’t like the color. I would like it painted to white from a bright green.
        I think $300 is a bit high, could you paint the tub for $200 since I have the supplies?

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