Cost Estimate for Apartment Remodel

Posted by: Khaki Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Here is the job:

  • Remove kitchen cabinets, tile counter, sink, plumbing, and light fixtures.
  • remove linoleum floor
  • Install ceramic tile
  • Install high quality cabinets, stainless steel sink, new faucet and plumbing
  • Install granite counter top and install all new appliances, moving position of gas pipe and adding 5 new outlets
  • Remove toilet, vanity sink, mirror and counter, remove bath tub surround wall tile and bath tub
  • Remove window from shower area, remove linolium floor
  • Reinstall all new materials add a bathroom fan and ceramic tile floor

2 thoughts on “Cost Estimate for Apartment Remodel”

  1. Estimating a job like this is difficult for a contractor who is standing on the site and nearly impossible for an internet handyman who has only the benefit of a brief description of the work to be done.

    Given this nearly impossible task it is probably best to use the “Guess” method. Well, this probably looks like a $30,000 job to me. Or maybe better, by the square foot method at $65 per at approximately 600 square foot (not stated in the cost request) the cost would be $39,000.

    Based on your job photo it appears that much of the work is done. What was the actual charge for the job?

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I work for the owner of the apartment building so he bought all the material and i did almost all the labor. There was a lot more work done than i explained before. I hired an electrician to do all the electrical and had a couple of helpers help with every thing else. The apartment is roughly 900 square feet. Other things that were done; walls and ceilings painted, all outlets and switches replaced, wooden hinged closet doors were replaced with sliding mirror doors, recessed lighting in living room and kitchen, ceiling fans installed in both bedrooms and kitchen. all new baseboard and quarter round throughout the house and probably a few more things that aren’t coming to mind. I don’t know for sure but my guess is he got everything done(all labor & materials) for $25,000 to $30,000 with about 60% – 70% of that being material costs.

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