Handyman Job Estimates – Rates for Comparison

How much should you pay for handyman work? What would be a high estimate, what would be a low estimate for handyman work?

What would these jobs cost in your area?
Here are price estimates for many types of common handyman jobs.


Accessibility & Safety

Appliance Repair

Closet Systems

Deck Building & Repair

Door Repair & Replacement

Fence Building & Repair


Foundation Repairs

Furniture Assembly

Furniture Refinishing

Hardware & Locksets

Kitchen & Bath

Landscape Maintenance

Light Carpentry


Lighting & Electrical

Mailbox Installation & Repair

Painting Interior & Exterior

Pest & Dryrot Repair




Roofing and Gutters

Sheetrock Repair & Installation

Trim and Moldings

Window Coverings

Window Repair & Replacement