Cost to Assemble RTA Cabinets

I was looking at your page on how much to charge for different jobs. I was wondering if you had an idea how much one can charge to assemble RTA (Ready to Assemble) kitchen cabinets? Would you charge per cabinet? If so, how much do you think would be fair? I did not see this questions listed. Thank you.


  1. This are often charged on a per cabinet basis. Installation time at .667 to 1.10 labor hours per unit. Assembly time would be extra.

    • Depends on type of rta. Some are made decent and need no extra stiffening with brads and glue. These would cost approx. $10 each to assemble. If it is a lesser quality unit and glue is needed and brads to secure the box together then it would be more $12-$15 to assemble. This is also in an area where CoL is low and we don’t get paid alot. 🙂

What would a fair price be?