Cost to install ceramic tile flooring

Submitted by: lilagerardom – Budget: 15000 Las Vegas, NV USA (Wednesday, January 26, 2011)

Installing ceramic tile living room bathrooms 2 kitchen front entrance. How much would it cost per square foot, including labor, for ceramic tile?

Labor Only

Low Price per square foot labor only: $4

Consensus Price per square foot labor only: $4

High Price per square foot labor only: $4

Materials and Labor

Low Price per square foot labor and materials: $7

Consensus Price per square foot labor and materials: $10

High Price per square foot labor and materials: $20

Replace cracked ceramic tiles approx 19 square ft

Submitted by: NotHandy1 Pearland, TX USA (Sunday, April 29, 2012)
Certain ceramic tiles have cracked in kitchen main entry and main bath in fairly straight lines when house has settled requiring replacement with matching grout for approx 19 square ft TOTAL. Have the ceramic tiles available to be used for the replacement.

Estimate: $350

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  1. I asked for an estimate repairs done for a land lord after the tenants move out- it said $4000. I live in California and I am a handyman the laws are different. This estimate for California or do i have to break it down? california law say that a person can’t charge over $500 for repairs is this only for remodeling please help.

    1. California law says that an unlicensed handyman cannot do work that totals over $500. They don’t allow any loopholes for breaking down the labor and materials, nor for breaking up the job into smaller parts. Visit the Contractors License Board for more information.

    2. My question is how much should i charge to remove the old exsisting floor tile, to replace with new tile?

      Should i charge removing the old tile with replacing the new tile.
      All in one estimate”

      How much to remove and how much to replace? Please help me. THANK YOU…

      1. First of all are you talking vinyl tile or ceramic tile? if it,s vinyl tile go with victor gonzalez price, in colorado the cost to remove old ceramic is 3.00 per square ft ,and if you need to rent equip, to get it up, that would be added to cost +the time to go pick up and return the equip.

  2. If you want just a simple square foot pricing for floor tile I charge $4 plus installation materials e.g. thin-set grout. However each flooring job is different depending on tile size pattern floor layout etc. So estimate could be –. That may seem high to some b

    1. $4 a square foot does that include the prep the installation of backer board or floating in the floor

      1. I don’t know how Victor can make any money at $2 a square foot how many 12 by 12 tiles can he set in an hour he’d have to be sitting 20 tiles in an hour to make what a Tyler should make

  3. Labor for 12×12 tiles
    $2.00 square foot

    Diagonal tile 12×12

    $2.75 square foot

    Remove and replace existing tile
    .75 to 1.50 square foot

    Materials very by location and dealers .

  4. Vinyl 36 x 5 wood laminate planks installed in a 288 sq ft kitchen with one doorway and one double door patio door. Located in LaMarque Texas. labor only. These floors use glue adhesive-should I pay more because the odor of the glue is so strong? Totally lost on how to pay my handyman. Please help.

  5. Question; Replace cracked ceramic tiles. We generally charge $30 a tile but no less than $20 a tile in volume and here is why; You have no idea how well attached or what equipment you will need to chip the tile off the floor which brings up the next question? Is it concrete, wood, Hardie Backer or Durock? It is important to know this if possible. Durock is an absolute pain because it breaks into a complete mess to remove and Hardie if screwed and glued down with thinset can also be a ton of extra work with a chipping hammer. Now, if this is regular ceramic on concrete then a compromise on the volume could be made.

    I would start at $30 a tile on concrete. Porcelain on concrete is a different animal and may require a thermo-nuclear exchange to remove it. If it is installed correctly it is a real bitch to remove and requires proper equipment which I rent and add to the removal cost. Removing Porcelain is quite literally “a bloody challenge”. Every chard of Porcelain that fly’s off
    is a chip of sharp glass that cuts like a knife.

    Marble tile is very delicate and requires special attention to avoid cracking adjacent tile so we have to cut around the inside of the tile about 1/4 inch inside the grout line then very, very carefully remove the 1/4 inch remaining and the interior part of the tile.

    1. Any seasoned, experienced flooring contractor, mechanic, installer, or sub-contractor will tell you that’s a loaded question and in no way can be answered accurately without an actual physical inspection….period!!! There are simply too many variables involved. Any other responses, estimations or “guestimations” would be moronic!

  6. What should I charge to install a lower end ceramic tile floor in a bathroom that is approximately 5×10. I have to remove the vanity and toilet and reinstall them when installation is complete. The exsisting floor is linoleum. Should I remove the linoleum or go over it with hardy backer?

  7. help I hired atiler for marble that was rocmmended and he is an unreliable idiot I know have a undone florr I need about 2-30 tiles placed back in the floor then the floor needs to be regrouted and then sealed twice I need to know how much this would cost I am already out a lot of money

  8. I have a bathroom remodel, appx. 70 sq. ft. Need triangular tub removed , plumbing drain moved about a foot and shower head relocated appx 6 Feet. Tile walk in shower with a glass door and 2 pony walls for glass door. There are 2 block windows on either wall, both will require silicone water protection. One will be sealed off all but 2 top and 2 right rows, to place the shower head into.

    Remove tile in old small 4×4 shower, tap off water fittings and drain and make into a closet with 5 shelves and a door. Anyone have an estimate? Recommendation on contractor(s) in Tucson also appreciated.

  9. My husband and I worked with our Handyman with take up of old carpet.Husband helped with loading Handyman’s truck for Handyman to dispose of old carpet. Handyman had help with cleanup… taking out old staples etc. How much should we pay Handyman??? Please advise and thank you!!

    1. Regardless of the amount of work said husband contributed, the Handyman spent his time on your job. Pay him his full hourly rate. Don’t know his hourly rate? Ask. Hourly rates vary regionally and typically range from $25 – $75 (or more) per hour.

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