Cost for Carpet Installation

Carpet install and painting

Submitted by: piperpilot Sparta, MI USA (Friday, January 27, 2012)

About 900 sq.ft. needs old carpet ripped out and replaced with new carpet. Also painting done in four rooms. The total paint job is around 1200sq.ft.

Estimate: $1800 not including cost of carpet.

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  1. Matthew Wilson

    I’m thinking about $6.50 a yard carpet isn’t measured by the foot 9 square feet = 1 square yard. Add another 3.50 a yard for carpet demo. Add another 1.00 a yard if it’s a concrete sub-floor (not plywood). Add maybe $35-$75 a room to move furniture. Add more if it’s got a pattern to match up in carpet. If you have steps to carpet add per step depending if it’s a box step, single side wrap, double wrap, has spindles, or a pie step. I’m not sure of the up charge for each step type simple box steps are maybe $10 and a floating pie step that wraps 2 sides with spindles is maybe $40 a step maybe more I’m not quite sure. I’m mostly a tile/ hardwood guy only 1.5 years of carpet installation and done floors 11 years.

    1. have three rooms that I am replacing the carpets
      bed #1 12’6″ x 10′
      bed #2 13′ x 10′
      bed #3 14′ x 16 ‘
      I will remove old carpet and put in new padding
      I have the carpet to be installed just need it cut to fit and installed
      what would be the cost to do this

      1. ronald spencer

        three bedrooms 12’x11′ ,14 x 12 19’x 11′ rooms empty,old carpet
        removed. house empty . indoor/outdoor carpet.

      1. Have to replace tac board half-inch Padding 5′ x 3′ does not have to be exact match. Because it is inside the closet light gold. Would like estimate.

  2. I need to carpet raised floor section in basement theatre room. I have two 70x68x14 inch platforms that I need carpeted to match my interior floor.

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