Replace Sections of an Existing Fence

Fencing Sections Replaced

This fence was falling apart but fortunately the fence posts were still in good shape.

Often fence repairs are required and when completed can add several more years to the fence’s life. Boards come loose or are damaged by pets or vandals. Fence posts rot out at the bottom and need to be replaced. 

Low estimate for materials and labor:

  • Redwood fence boards
  • 2×4 redwood
  • Misc screws and nails
  • Labor 4 hours

High estimate for materials and labor:

  • Redwood fence boards
  • 2×4 redwood
  • Misc screws and nails
  • Labor 6 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $450

Consensus Price: $475

High Price: $650

Submitted by: jude312 Haverhill, MA USA (Monday, June 27, 2011)

How much should it cost for labor only to install 8 sections of vinyl fencing. I have all the materials.Thanks, Judie

Low Price: $550

Consensus Price: $650

High Price: $750

Submitted by: jessiejess Houston, TX USA (Monday, March 05, 2012)

Need an estimate to paint approx 200ft of wooden outdoor fence. Estimate for labor only.

Low Price for labor only: $300

Consensus Price for labor only: $450

High Price for labor only: $600

Submitted by: scottua9 san diego, CA USA (Sunday, August 05, 2012)

Did some work as a favor. Just wondering if I was to charge how much to ask for labor only. 80 ft fence 6 foot wide sections 8 feet tall. Each section has 6 foot tall cedar pickets picture framed top 2 feet is dadoed doubled up privacy lattice detail.

Low Price for labor only: $400

Consensus Price for labor only: $500

High Price for labor only: $700

Estimate calculates it would take 2 days to complete so total labor price could be anywhere from $400 to $700.

Submitted by: jwoosley Sierra Madre, CA USA (Sunday, February 26, 2012)

Install redwood dog eared fence for approximately 320 feet. I have all materials

Low Price for labor only: $600

Consensus Price for labor only: $900

High Price for labor only: $1200

Hurricane Sandy Fence Damage

Submitted by: Chrisnj201 – Budget: 250 Wood-Ridge, NJ USA (Saturday, November 24, 2012)

I have all the pieces to my fence which are all over my backyard. Since there hurricane it has been a mess for me just getting my home back to normal. My fence has literally been raped by hurricane sandy lol. Not such a big job just needs to be put back into place. If you can have someone contact me regarding this issue I would highly appreciate it. Thank you


18 thoughts on “Replace Sections of an Existing Fence”

  1. Believe it or not, here in Houston after Hurricane Ike we`ve found ourselves in such a competitive market that I find myself passing on many fence jobs because other contractors are underbidding so low.

    I`ve had customers tell me they are getting bids as low as $3 (that`s THREE dollars) per linear foot. I simply tell them that I haven`t got the slightest idea how these guys aren`t losing money on the deal, because I can`t even buy materials for that price.

  2. I think $300 to install 200ft of fence. This would be a fair price labor only as long as the fence is a standard sized fence and no repairs are needed and the paint would be provided. I should be able to complete this job in one day.

    1. You should never think fair when you bid a job you should think with numbers and math. I would charge per a linear foot for install. Just putting up boards and then staining i would charge depending on where you live cause it does matter location i would charg $4 a linear foot so 200ft of putting up fence boards and staining, clean up would cost $800 cause ur ganna have to run a a level line end to end taking the old fence boards down several small factors that you have to add that takes time and i dont no about you but my time wouldnt be free.

  3. How much to charge for removing and replacing 5-6ft fence sections and 6 posts? In northern Virginia.

  4. How much would it cost to re-build/replace an old backyard access fence/gate on the side of my house. I spent about $150 on the lumber (14 boards, and 1 2×4) hardware and other misc items.

  5. I am doing lots of work, after Hurricane Irma in South Florida and to remove the debris alone, I have to charge minimum $350.00 in some cases as high as $750 for removal and prep only, to install 48 poles and 35 panels, with all the things that go with it, am charging no less than $2000.00 just for labor, now this under the 97 degree sun, removing plants, or trees or working around them, and the materials here are expensive if you find them, for example a 6 x 8 panel staggered cost around $50.00 the good poles about $25.00 the cheap one $13.00 so you tell me what fair, when you come out here with us and do this from sun up to sun down, some say am under charging, here I am 11;11 pm doing estimates, not to mention in south Florida you need a permit to breath… so yeah I WILL LOVE TO HEAR OPINIONS OF ELSEWHERE WORK AND CHARGES, AND OPINIONS ON WHAT I WROTE HERE, there isno way you can keep a license, as GC an insurance, equipment, etc at $3.00 a lineal ft, sakrete along is $5.00 buck in bulk, so yes please people, on our trade and customers a like I love to hear your opinions..

    1. I’m in SFLA also and M. Torres is 1000% correct with everything he says… But he failed to mention the “bandit contractors” who come in behind you after you’ve given a written estimate and undercut you by at least 10-25% because they are performing contracting services without permits and licenses… And they also don’t have WC or liability insurance… ALL of their “employees” are paid off the books because of anybody a number of reasons but mostly because of no SS# meaning that UNCLE SAM is not getting ANY portion of the money like legitimate contractors who have W-2 employees are required to pay… So how much seems fair for a fence repair/installation job?

  6. How much would it cost to put up a white 8′ x 4′ (2) lattice partition measuring 96″ wide and a gate 42″ wide. I have al the material, including the posts – pressure treated wood painted white. I also have the screws and concrete for the posts.

  7. I personally never got a price estimate for a fence replacement but have helped in wood fencing. My estimation on the amount of time and labor involved would be about $1250 for two guys putting up a fence that is 50 ft long. My friend actually started a company in Honolulu and is starting to learn the trade.

  8. When we work with our clients we try to be as transparent as possible. However we understand the competitiveness of these repairs and always do free quotes in writing and offer a price match guarantee if they would still like to utilize our service

  9. How much to take down old fence, 3.5 foot by 9 foot. Take out 3 fence supports with concrete. Install new fence and new gate with brand new gate hardware in Pa.

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