Cost to Replace a Fence Post

Replace a Fence Post

Just the post was replaced.

What would it cost for a handyman to replace fence post?

The original redwood fence post was rotted away at the bottom. The challenge in replacing an existing fence post is the block of concrete that is left in the ground. Either the block needs to be removed or a new post hole dug adjacent to it. In this case, the old post was pulled out of the concrete leaving a 12″ hole Very convenient! The new post was inserted into the old concrete and an additional 10″ of concrete was added to bring it up above ground level.

Every failed post has a reason. In this case the problem was the level of the original concrete was below ground level allowing the base of the post to be in contact with the soil.

Fencing repairs where concrete is added will always require 2 trips. One to set the concrete and the second to complete the repair after the concrete has cured. Whether the handyman charges a trip charge is important to the cost of the repair.

Low estimate for materials and labor:

  • Pressure treated fence post
  • Fence post concrete
  • Misc. screws and nails
  • Labor 2 hours

High estimate for materials and labor:

  • Pressure treated fence post
  • Fence post concrete
  • Misc. screws and nails
  • Trip charge or removal of old concrete
  • Labor 4 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $150

Consensus Price: $175

High Price: $200

Submitted by: thebigjose hutchinson, KS USA (Friday, December 23, 2011)

how much I can pay or charge to set fence post only about 17 post dig out and set with concrete every 8ft metal post or 4by4 wood

Low Price: $400

Consensus Price: $750

High Price: $1200



  1. I would most likely charge for labor just about what the materials would cost. Would need to inspect the digging conditions and related issues regarding installation. If clean dirt no roots or obstructions i would charge about 375-400 hundred dollars

    • I need someone to dig a three section cedar fence for me in the back of my yard, and stick it in. We are selling my house and my fence is rotted. Please call 617-834-1111. The house is going to be sold by June 30th and I need this done ASAP. Please call. No need for cement!!!

  2. For all Wooden Posts

    A wooden post cost about 9-13$, a bag of concrete cost around 5 bucks.

    Taking out a broken Post and setting a new Post in Concrete – 1 hour
    after that Hammer/Screw the Section back onto the post.

    Cheap Price 75$
    High Price 120$

  3. How much to charge in labor alone, no material, 2 in iron posts set in concrete. Client will provide concrete. lots of cobble. Lowell Per post ideal for pricing.

    • If the customer provides the metal post and concrete, I charge 1 hour of labor per post, @ $30 per hour. Now, Texas soil can be deceiving (not sure where you live), as we may have only 3 inches of topsoil and the rest is limestone rock. When I bid a job, I sometimes take a soil sample (or dig a little with my shovel), or drive a rod down to make sure I’m not in a rock bed. This takes a lot longer because I use a 20 pound rock bar and do it old school. Some guys use a jack hammer, but I can usually get by with brute force. It’s also important to dial 811 down here to make sure you don’t hit a power line or phone cable (that service is free). I hope this helps y’all.

      • Need 7 wooden fence posts replaced with metal posts and set i concrete Can you provide and estimate, duration and when this can be done

  4. I think it should be done for free, kindness of the heart kind of thing.and then claiming it on his or her taxes as donation or charity.

  5. Cost should be on an hourly basis of 37.50

    1 hour to demo and 1 hour to install no material

    with material then a rate of 75.00 per post

    includes materials , labor and haul off.

    • Some of these low estimates just make no sense. It can take a couple of hours just to break out a block of concrete, plus the trip to pick up materials, then set the new post (using several bags of concrete not one or two), all while working around an existing fence which has to be detached and then reattached securely and without causing more damage . “1 hour or 2 hours” is not in any way feasible. You are probably looking at about 5-7 in the real world. This is easily in the $250 to $375 range depending on the specifics.

      • Just wanted to say thank you to John for keeping it real. I agree completely. It’s impossible to have any profit at all when working for pennies. I just repaired 3 posts and crossmembers on my old cedar picket fence. I had to remove and replace the 40 year old pickets (nailed, not screwed), dig out the old concrete and rebuild the whole deal. I asked my neighbor to pay for half of the materials, that’s all. They just bought the home and I offered my labor as a housewarming gift. I requested a reimbursement of about 50 bucks for half the cost of materials. (Total represented a major discount already due to the fact that I used my own nails/screws and concrete.) He said thanks very much, not a problem he’d be glad to pay me for the materials. Then he proceeded to walk me to the door, say goodnight and shut the door before I had time to say, “Excuse Me? THE MONEY PLEASE?!?” I will never understand how people can have the lack integrity to be able to straight up pull this kind of crap but I see it more and more. Listen folks, the guy who fixes your fence or mows your lawn has to pay for food and electricity just like you do. Please don’t jack around service people when it comes time to pay your stinking bill! If some starving guy offers to work for $5 an hour do the world a favor and say hell no and give him an honest wage!

        • No one I have done work for will pay $375 to replace a rotten/broken fence post. (pressure treated post, quick set concrete and screws material $15 per post). I routinely repair fences here in Tampa Fl (sandy soil) break and removed old concrete. Clear/redig hole set post and reattach fence panels in average 1 hour each post. I charge $75/post. I just completed 4 post replacements on one fence. Estimated 8 hours plus materials. I completed the job in less than 3 hours with a $10/hr helper. $50 materials, helper $30, my labor $90, total expense including travel was $170 profit $130 or 43%. I did 2 fence repairs that day.

        • Well said …and I Thank You! So many tell me “oh , its just this or that” and they don’t consider tools, materials, gas, business Ins, other business fees & costs. Not to mention wear & tear and risk to our bodies to do arduous labor & dealing w dirt & “cuddies” that they dont dare to attempt to mess with or even know how to repair,renovate, restore. So I commend you for standing up all of us honest hard working people.

      • Not to mention the trip to the store to get the material, loading unloading. And lets not forget the City Building Codes And Permits. Paper work involved. John your right I would not charge any less the 250-375 “there are a lot easier ways to make money” Dealing with the dog next door, putting up temporary fencing. while the post set up. Ridiculous prices listed here.
        plus my handy man rate is now 42.00 hours. If your insured and only charging 36.00 or less Your not making any money.

      • Just replaced a 9′ cedar post in my yard. It took hours to dig out and mostly in Illinois clay. Post cost 25$. I would have gladly paid 300 to 400 bucks. The soil condition is a big variable here.

      • I just had a fence repairman remove two fence posts with concrete footers that had rotted out…took time and heavy labor to get them out of there…they were removed and replaced…three fence panels had to be unattached from the two bad posts and repositioned after…had all pickets on remaining fence throughout yard inspected and nailed up if loose…had a tensioner put on one gate to keep it steady and the gate hardware adjusted on that gate and one other…all tasks took about 5 hours…total cost of job was $400…Included labor and materials…These charges seem reasonable to me…I don’t feel right getting a deal when I see how hard an independent contractor works like this guy did…It’s only fair if he makes a little profit and is able to provide for his family… I won’t call Home Depot for fence install or repairs. To date I have yet to see or hear a favorable review for either.

  6. My husband is digging up our old white picket fence from our house on installing it bringing it over to a ladies house about 20 minutes away re-installing the fence and repainting it as well Can I get some quick estimates on how much someone would charge for all that start from 100 posts and if there were 200 or 300. He has worked over there on this for 2 8 hour days now I need to write up a agreement Please help! He already uninstalled and dug up the entire fence brought it over to her house and is painting it and I forgot to add in there is a large metal Archway she wants and there’s also two small gates to the white picket fence.

  7. thank you so much for helping me i did not no how much to charge my landlordguys , and now i pretty much do. you guys are the best. again thank you.

  8. Starting my fence repair business and wondering what a good starting price to replace a 4″ wooden post and attach the fence section back, live in illinois

  9. I want to replace my old fence with a new fence. Should new post holes be dug or should the old ones be used? What should it cost for treated wood for my new fence, 96 feet long and 6 feet high (using your suggestion as to use the existing post hole or new hole)?

  10. what would it cost to replace 8 posts and put the fence back together after the post replaced. They do not have cement bases.

  11. I was trying to do my fence myself but guess i screwed it all up.
    I need an handy man to come finish it up.
    How much should i be looking at?

  12. I would like a 10 foot section of my chain link fence removed. It is in the middle of the fencing because I would like to create another entrance in the fence. What might this cost?

  13. I’m opening my own handyman business:
    10′ 4×4 treated post = $15
    6 bags of cement (freeze level) = $70
    screws/nails = $5
    trip fee = $40
    2 hours labor = $100

    TOTAL = $230

    If I have to break rock in the holes then the time and cost will naturally increase.

    You can’t attach fence until cement cures which can take hours so a second trip is required which should be an added cost.

    • $140 is fair profit for two hours of work. Plumbers charge 110 bucks just to come out to my house for less than an hour and clear a clog.

  14. I gonna have someone set 4 5″x8ft posts 2ft in ground with concrete and then brace each set of 2, so building fence to hang gate on each side. He is leaving it up to me, he’s a young kid not afraid of working hard, How much should I pay him? I don’t wanna be cheap I understand it’s hard work. Live in Midwest, easy soil to dig.

What would a fair price be?