Cost to Install a Chain Link Fence

Posted by William, Stone Mountain, GA (August 8, 2013)

I need an estimate for installing 1800 feet of 5 ft link fencing.

9 thoughts on “Cost to Install a Chain Link Fence”

  1. You haven’t specified the quality of the chain link fence, so here is the cost for a typical install. Using chain link that is 9 gauge galvanized steel, including a top rail, line posts installed 10′ on center. The average material costs would be calculated at approximately $6 per linear foot. Labor would be another $6 per foot.

    1. Standard quality chain-link fence line gate 4 feet high approximately 35 to 40 feet connected to existing fence if price is reasonable I would like to have fencing approximately 4 feet Removable fence connected to existing removable French in my driveway

  2. What should I for quote 25′ x 6′ section only with 1 90⁰ turn. She’s buying materials. I’m doing everything else.

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