Cost to Build a Gate

New Garden Gate
Redwood Gate

Cost to Build a New Garden Gate

Homeowner wanted a new gate for the sidewalk leading to her garden. The materials were redwood with new gate hardware.

Low estimate for materials and labor:

  • Redwood fence boards and 2x4s
  • Gate hardware
  • Misc. screws and nails
  • Labor 3 hours

High estimate for materials and labor:

  • Redwood fence boards and 2x4s
  • Gate hardware
  • Misc. screws and nails
  • Labor 3.5 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $250

Consensus Price: $300

High Price: $325


20 thoughts on “Cost to Build a Gate”

  1. Hi there I’m a welder and I’m building a big gate just like to no how much can I change them and to put palisade fencing need a price I’m in south africa

  2. $400 for the gate, $100 for the install. Got the same project in Beverly Hills, CA.
    Homeowner wants a nice gate. Redwood. 8 planks, Material & Labor, remove old gate, install new gate, Old gate disposal fee included. No Stain, No finish, that’s extra. Potential total $625.

  3. Victor Gonzalez

    Gate building will run about 375.00 to 600.00 depending on fence details and hardware. Here in Fort Worth .

  4. need to install a 4ft high 150ft length wire fence for small dog .using a heavy gauge turkey like wire and putting 2o or so fence post in. need to now fair cost not low and not high, middle of the road.

  5. How much would you charge for a 6 ft gate with a window in it and installing it on a pre existing posts that I can’t remove

  6. Put up a gate 5′ 2 inches wide and 6′ tall, used pressure treated wood and posts. Took out nails from old wood surrounding the hot tube and bundled 3 piles. Took old gate to be yard to be disposed. What would be a fair price. Materials cost $206.

  7. In Alexandria, Va. An homeowner thinks a 3′-6″ wooden gate hung on a 9 feet slat wooden fence, all at 6′ tall fence for just $450 is fair. They also want the chain link fence removal and disposal thrown in; someone could expect great quality and service.

  8. I’m building a 4′ wide, 6′ tall gate, setting two posts, and installing gate between house and she’d. What should I charge?

  9. A lady wants her wooden gate removed and a new one built in its place. It is 4’4″ x 6’5″. She is providing all the materials, so my quote is labor only. I’m quoting $170 for the labor to build the new door, $12 to remove the old gate, and $22 to install the new gate.

  10. My quote on the described Gate. To build and Install would be. Removal would add another $35. Unless it was a regular customer,then id do the removal for free.

    Low Price – $250 + material cost

    High Price – $350 + material cost

  11. I’m a carpenter and have been building fences for over 25 years in Mobile, Al area.
    First off you have to find out do you have to install gate posts (4x4x8; 4x4x10) to hold the gate. Typically that runs $150 per post including removal of pre-existing post. If there are preexisting gate posts that are in very good condition and can be used (no rot, wobble or warping) then you’re looking at $450 to $500 for your typical 6ft pine custom built gate installed. If you need 2 new post installed and the gate built and properly installed with bracing is $650 to $850. Also, this is for a typical 8ft to 10ft of fencing clearance from the edge of the house to the neighbors property line or fence.

  12. Thank you for sharing the costs for building a gate. This post give an idea to people for budget their money. Keep sharing such useful post


    I. Excavated 4 posts buried 24 inches deep with concrete replaced with new posts poured new concrete and built a gate 36 inches wide the total fence was 120 inches or little over 10 feet wide. This was a cedar picket fence. Please tell me what is a average cost i should quote??

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