What to Charge for a Lattice Fence

I built and installed a 20 ft lattice panel fence in my backyard, and the neighbor wants me to make some thing similar for her now. Hers would be approximately 7 ft total, 3 ft gate and a 4 ft fence section, attached to a chain link fence in the corner that runs the length of her yard. I used pt2x4s for my fence, by sandwiching the panels between 2 2×4 frames, and capping the top with 5/4 board. For her fence I was thinking of doing the same thing but using 1x4s instead because she is worried about it being too heavy. I won’t be digging any posts I will use existing ones. I came up with a number but I am worrying if it would be fair or not since I’m new to this. Thanks


  1. I think your best bet would be to simply charge her by the hour. Determine your hourly rate and give her an estimate based on the amount of time you think it will take. You should be able to do this since you’ve already completed your own fence.

    I would think that she would expect to pay several hundred dollars for your labor.

What would a fair price be?