Install Pet Door for my cat

Submitted by: schoolnurse11 – Stafford, VA USA

I bought a cat door and I need it installed in my door. Nothing special…just install.

4 thoughts on “Install Pet Door for my cat”

  1. For a door installation of a pet door, it would be $100 for labor. If you decided a wall installation would be better, it would be $125.

    NOTE: If you did decide to install through the wall, you would need to make sure that either the door comes with the wall extension kit or if it comes separately that you buy the right one. They are not universal.

    There are so many kinds of pet doors, it is worth doing a little research to make sure you get the one you really want. Consider size of your pet, location of the door installation and weather condition in your area.

  2. Through a door which will depend on the door type, should be $80- 100 for labor
    Through a wood framed wall with siding and drywall, should be $150-175
    Through any other type of wall the price can skyrocket to $1000 or more

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