Garage Door Installation Cost

Submitted by: jrgscrew – phoenix, AZ USA

How much should a handyman bid to install an automatic garage door. There is a car port in place already but the ceiling will need to be redone and probably need some electrical work done rewiring adding sockets etc. All material is paid just labor.


  1. Well if i had to give an immediate estimate I would say the price of the unit would be the price of the labor. Well worth the price. It may look & sound easy but can quickly turn into disaster. Installed at a slightly wrong angle it’ll rip your door off. Always best to pay a little more for a no rush project so your guys not rushing out the door to do another project to make ends meet for that day.
    Handy Dandy Dan & Sons

  2. I have a single unattached garage that needs a new spring or a new door installed depending on cost.
    Lakewood Ohio 44107

What would a fair price be?