Cost to Replace a Front Door

Cost to Replace Front Door

How much would it cost to replace this front door?

Submitted by: adiganci – Budget: 300.00 Manassas Park, VA USA (Monday, May 30, 2011)

We are looking to have our front door replace to include installation. We are looking for the best price to have this work done. What would be cost of labor?

This door is old and damaged.  The hardware is worn out and needs to be replaced.  The existing door is standard sized at 3’0″ by 6’8″.

The low estimate reflects purchasing a pre-hung door and replacing the trim. The high estimate
reflects purchasing a slab door and preparing it for hardware.

Low estimate for materials and labor:

  • Pre-hung replacement door
  • New lockset and hinges
  • Primer and paint
  • Trim
  • Misc: nails, screws
  • Labor 3 hours

High estimate for materials and labor:

  • Slab replacement door
  • New lockset and hinges
  • Primer and paint
  • Misc: nails, screws
  • Labor 5 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $325

Consensus Price: $350

High Price: $405

Cracked exterior door frame

Submitted by: acunao Hillsboro, OR USA (Monday, November 28, 2011)

One of the main sides of the exterior door is damaged-cracked and needs to be replaced. What would the cost be?

Door can benefit from weather strips and a good lockset-bolt.

Moderator Comments: $600 – Assuming replacement of the door with a new exterior door costing up to $200. New Lockset up to a cost of $75.

Front Door Kicked in Cost of Door Replacement

Submitted by: TOSHA Pine Bluff, AR USA (Tuesday, December 11, 2012)

Front door was kicked in during a break in need entire front door replaced.

Estimate: $500 Depends on the cost of the replacement door and the extent of the damage to the frame.

Exterior Door Replacement

Submitted by: Larry, Barrie, Ontario CANADA (Friday, March 15, 2013)

Remove old exterior door and trim and sill plate and dispose of it.
Install new pre-hung exterior door, install new brick molding trim, re-install interior trim
Install deadbolt, door handle and peephole

Moderator: Cost for this type of job for labor only would run anywhere from $300 – $500 depending on the specifics of the site.

My front door was kicked in. The frame was shattered at the latch.

Submitted by: Lance, Alberta, Canada (Wednesday, May 29, 2013)
How much would it cost to replace the door and frame?

24 thoughts on “Cost to Replace a Front Door”

      1. Briggette Blalock

        Some dummy kicked my door from the outside. The door frame panel & the wood on the latch is cracked. But the door is still in place. I was wondering how much does it cost to have it repaired

        Thank you. and I am waiting for your reply.

        Briggette Blalock

  1. To properly install a door supplied by the client, with hardware supplied by the client. I charge $350. If the framework is rotted or damaged, that would be extra Painting is extra. Respectfully, Handy Andy

  2. I am in fort worth tx. We just removed an old screen door and the old back door and replaced it with a new 9-lite reliabuilt door from lowes. The total cost of the job was $405. This did not include paint or the price of the new door locks.

  3. Russell Fellman

    Straight forward install of door, and trim is $295.00 plus materials.
    This would include taking away the old door if requested.
    Delaware County, PA.


  4. Dorene Mariah Barnett

    My daughters boyfriend kicked my door in and cracked the frame and the locks are unlevel also. How much should I charge him. We have a court date coming up should I just take the hundred that he has offered or have the court make him pay for a whole new door and the damages of the frame where the door locks? Please answer in a timely manner. I believe he ought to pay for a whole new door plus the cost of damages.

  5. I have a single door with a left sidelight, both of which have some stained glass inserts. What would a wood replacement door cost? The stained glass would have to be re-inserted into the new doors. Thank you.

  6. rg productions

    i need a quote for – removeing a front security door , staining and finishing a solid slab entry door w/lots of accent molding on door and door frame (raw wood) brand new w/no hardware holes – removal of old door frame – installing new door and frame – project in So Cal . Thank you

  7. How much would it cost to replace a damaged door frame? It was damaged when a new sofa was delivered. We believe that they damaged the screen door as well. I live in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

    Thank you

  8. I need the front wooden door and jam removed then installed in back door after removing old worn out door the front door needs to be cut off to fit back door hole the back storm door is junk so the front storm door goes along to then a new door with new storm is to be installed in front what be the labor only cost be in Sweetwater Tx 79556

  9. Winette Sharpe

    My door and window frames at my side entrance are rotting. I would like an estimate for the of repairs. I wish there was a way to send you pictures.

  10. $300 labor only for removal and replace with pre-hung door of the same nature includes door casing and stucco repair if need , insulating and hauling trash. Materials not included

  11. Renee M. Fuller

    I need both front and back door replacement. I have 1 door for front. Both jambs need repair/replacement. And frame for back door. My daughter has destroyed the hollow doors I replaced a couple of years ago. Then tore up the jambs. Then destroyed back door frame.

  12. Debra Penn-Sharkey

    Can fiberglass side lights on a front door (made of fiberglass) and have wood stain & PU be repaired? If so where and how much?

    The cold weather is making the fiberglass turn to dust. New wood side lights are 368.00 each not including installation. So, I would prefer a repair of fiberglass that I can paint over with white paint.

    I would like an estimate. Thank you. Again this would be for Northern Virginia.

  13. How much is a fair price to have my door out front front door removed and replaced with new door that is me paying a handyman with materials such as new door supplied in the price? i received a estimate from a handyman of 455$ plus 50 to deliver and haul away the old door

    1. Not knowing anything about the specifics of your job, it is difficult to tell but the price seems reasonable. Front doors can be expensive. If the price of the door is included then price is very reasonable. Does the cost include painting the door, include installation of the trim and any caulking that may be needed? Get as many cost details as you can and don’t prepay for the materials. Payment in full should be held until the job is finished to your satisfaction.

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