Cost to Install an Attic Stairway

Submitted by: kennybetchel San Antonio, TX USA (Sunday, June 13, 2010)

Install attic access stairway – access door there but will require some lengthening…also some plywood couple 4×8 sheets laid for storage.

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $240

Consensus Price: $425

High Price: $425



  1. Assuming you have bought a folding staircase which can be installed on the ceiling in the garage or on the ceiling of a hallway I would estimate that it would take a full day to install it. At $50-hr it comes to $400 for the labor and about $25 for additional materials.

  2. Maybe 4 hours just to install the stairs but it sounds like the first guy is customizing the size . $425 sounds about right.

  3. I’ve done 3 this year. 2 were removal of old stairs and install new- I charged $220
    And one was just an install, no removal for $175
    Not easy for one man to do, but doable.

What would a fair price be?