Cost to Install an Attic Stairway

Submitted by: kennybetchel San Antonio, TX USA (Sunday, June 13, 2010)

Install attic access stairway – access door there but will require some lengthening…also some plywood couple 4×8 sheets laid for storage.

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $240

Consensus Price: $425

High Price: $425


18 thoughts on “Cost to Install an Attic Stairway”

  1. Assuming you have bought a folding staircase which can be installed on the ceiling in the garage or on the ceiling of a hallway I would estimate that it would take a full day to install it. At $50-hr it comes to $400 for the labor and about $25 for additional materials.

  2. HPC Construction

    Maybe 4 hours just to install the stairs but it sounds like the first guy is customizing the size . $425 sounds about right.

  3. I’ve done 3 this year. 2 were removal of old stairs and install new- I charged $220
    And one was just an install, no removal for $175
    Not easy for one man to do, but doable.

    1. For a removal and new installation in a hallway of a house attic stair.
      $250 is a fair price, I’m asking.

  4. Byron Dobberstine

    with two people it takes about 2 hours to complete thats including remove old attic door and install new with screws into ceiling joist and trimming out. my cost will be $250 plus cost of new door.

  5. Remove existing attic ladder & replace with new attic ladder. Labor – $240. Includes removal and disposal of the original attic ladder. Additionally, cost includes any fasteners and or hardware needed to secure new attic ladder. Price does not include cost of new ladder. (client to provide)

    Info. provided by: Q Professional Services LLC

  6. You guys are all wayyyy too cheap. What if you need to cut joists and move electrical wires in your way?
    I charged $900-$1200 if I need to frame for a new opening, install the door, insulate and install trimwork. Does not include the price of door

  7. I agree with Mike R.: framing it properly, trim and any other oddball stuff makes for a few days work. Extra framing if it’s oriented perpendicular to the joists. If you’re going to just slap something up there, you’re cheating your clients and probably wrecking their ceiling.

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