Cost For Sliding Glass Door Install

Submitted by: Ritherc – Tacoma, WA USA

How much should I charge to install a 5′ sliding glass door in a double wide trailer home. Door is to be installed where a 5′ window already exists and no electrical below only coaxial cable needs relocating on outside.

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  1. What is the going rate to replace a 5′ window with the same size (5′) sliding glass door? Naturally the door will need trim added. There is a water hose faucet below that I will have to relocate to one side or the other. Should that be a separate bid? If so how much? Consist of two elbows and reattaching the faucet again to the out side wall.

  2. This ones tricky because your going to have unexpected costs for sure besides just the install cost due to it being a mobile home. Or is it a pre-fab mobile home? $500.00 for the slider and $250 for the plumbing labor only and and any extras (discoveries) handled separately and accordingly,at discounted price .

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